Transport Department Delhi

Transport Department Delhi

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Transport Department Delhi- Vehicle Permits

The government transport department of NCT Delhi is an entrusted department responsible for running the public transportation system efficiently. It controls various roles such as vehicular pollution, vehicle registration process in Delhi, permitting insurance, collecting road taxes. The department is also assigned the services such as regulation and monitoring functions of all transport related issues, implementation, coordination and policy making. It takes care of all the transport systems in the state capital except the railways. The roadways are totally maintained by the transport department of Delhi.

New launched mandates

The Delhi Transport Department has banned the Bharat stage 3 complaints of two wheelers in Delhi. After lifting the complaint two wheelers that came into action before April, 2016 are eligible to get sold in NCR region. The ban has put a break to the bike manufacturers such as Bajaj Auto, Royal Enfield and Suzuki, as they have launched their product in India recently in this year.

The unparallel complaint on banning such two wheelers has ensured that certain companies are barred from registration. But the ban has imposed new rule which stated that the recently launched bikes or scooters need to register with the BS IV rules, although an order was previously announced that two wheelers would be allowed to register and sale their products in the market.

After going through chaotic circumstances the Delhi government has finally settled down to bring back the electronic rickshaws into service to public. The government has already registered two models of such e-rickshaws out of 7 models that have been approved. The minister of transport, Gopal Rai declared that once the dealers are appointed for sailing e-rickshaws then those who are interested can buy new vehicles for registration and use them for public transport means. For this, Loans have been already provided by the Delhi finance cooperation.

Moreover the Delhi Transport Department has made installation of GPS (global positioning system) mandatory for all public transport systems. The government would deny fitness certificate to all those who would not follow such rule. One of the government official announced that GP system is now compulsory for all public transport vehicles such as taxis, DTC buses, and auto rickshaws. Strict actions would be taken against them who will violate the mandate. If anybody such vehicle is caught without GPS then for the first time they would be given a chance to install the system onto their vehicle.

All India tourist taxi permits conditions in Delhi

  • The application for granting permission of All India Tourist should be made in the form no. 45. If the owner of the vehicle posses the permit and wishes to replace the vehicle then the latter one should be two years older.
  • The fee for granting authorization to tourist permit is rupees five hundred and should be applied in form no. 46.
  • The validity of authorization permit shall not be more than one year. The tourist vehicle shall be spotted with the words” tourist vehicle” on both sides of the vehicle.
  • An inscription written on a board ‘all India Tourist permit’ should be attached on the vehicle above the plate where registration number is written.
  • Speed limit shall be permitted to each vehicle and they could not exceed such seed limit under the provided act.
  • The permit related vehicle should not be driven in contravention of provisions under section 5 of Motor vehicle act, 1988. The permit related drivers have to maintain the limit of working ours allotted by the provision under this act.
  • The details of the permit allotted vehicles operator should be painted and written on the exterior part of the vehicle body in contrasting colours in bold letters below the line of the window so that it is clearly visible.
  • Each and every motor vehicle should be driven by a qualified person following the conditions that the central government has specified. Driving license and driver’s’ badge is mandatory for all drivers.
  • The vehicle permitted under AITP should possess all equipments such as fire extinguishers, first aid box and dry powder tapes specified by the transport commissioner from time to time.
  • A permit is liable to cancellation if the vehicle holder does not satisfy any of the conditions provided by the transport authority.
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Transport Department Delhi
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