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travel and tourism

Travel And Tourism Training

Recent technological advances and the introduction of a travel and tourism course in India have fulfilled the desires of billions of people to explore the world. This has led to a growing demand for tourism and travel professionals in various service sectors. India itself is one of many people’s favorite destinations because it has a legacy of one of the oldest civilizations and cultural diversity and for the aura. Long term career opportunities in the travel industry have always been strong and short-term prospects are strong enough to ensure a safe career. The career in travel and tourism deserves a diversified profile of work in various sectors, including travel agencies, airlines, and many other government agencies that deal with travel and tourism.

The advances in the university and the university have produced many courses in this area, like the course of degree in direction of tourism and airlines, hospitals, degree in Tourism Administration, GTO (with a mention), DPI in travel and tourism, and many others Quality courses. The prospective educator who wants a career in tourism can choose between the public and private sectors. The public sector can offer jobs at different levels within the State Council or tourist center of the Department of travel and tourism. There are several other courses that can allow you to get a lucrative job in the travel and tourism industry.

Listed below are:

• PG Diploma Course in travel and tourism studies
• Degree in tourism studies
• PG programs in travel and tourism
• Master in Tourism Management
• Master in Tourism Management


and the institutions that offer this course are as follows:

• University of Tezpur, Assam
• Indian Institute of Tourism and Travel management
Indira Gandhi Open University,
• Andhra University, Andhra, etc.


Eligibility criteria for the next single-tuition course are to eliminate your higher secondary education, while PG courses require you to bring a certificate of approval and the maximum age no more than 28 years. The duration of the course depends on the level of the course as 6 months, my year and three years. The selection process passed the entrance examination sustained by the institution itself. To clean up these entrance exams, candidates are encouraged to brush their knowledge with reference to the history, culture, geography and tourist attractions in India. Some organizations also give you the option of distance course in tourism and travel management in the certificate of undergraduate, bachelor degree, and PG, PG, and others. Distance learning institutions can include the Indira Gandhi Open University (IGNOU), Karnataka State University, the Open University City, and much more.

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