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10 Ways to Travel Cheaper in Spain

10 Ways to Travel Cheaper in Spain

10 Ways to Travel Cheaper in Spain

10 Ways to Travel Cheaper in Spain

10 Ways to Travel Cheaper in Spain

Travel Cheaper in Spain: Travelling around a country can sometimes be a challenge, to say the least. How do you know which are the best, safest, most reliable, and indeed cheapest ways to get around without trawling the internet and finding varying opinions and views? It’s a difficult thing to do, but with a bit of perseverance, accurate information can be found. Spain is huge, so of course, when you’re taking in everything this cultural and stunning country has to offer, you need to find the best ways to do just that.

Whenever you’re travelling, the cost has to be a consideration, but the most important thing of all is safety. Staying in touch with loved ones back home, and making sure someone knows where you are at all times can be a challenge when you’re on the go, but it is possible to stay connected to the internet 24 hours in Spain, meaning you can Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, and Viber to your heart’s content, and keep everyone back home happy at the same time.

Safety and contact took care of, what are the best ways to get around Spain?



Ferries and hydrofoil services travel regularly between mainland Spain and the Balearic Islands, making it easy to explore further afield. There is a national ferry company that does most of the regular journeys, and the costs are competitive. There are also car ferries, fast ferries and overnighters.

Car sharing.

Travelling to Spain in your own car, usually driving from the UK or another point in Europe, is possible and if there are several of you, you could easily split the petrol costs, making it cheaper for you and also more comfortable in your own surroundings.

Car hire.

Car hire - Travel Cheaper in Spain

There are plentiful car hire companies in Spain, and Pepecar is perhaps the cheapest. You’ll find them in major towns and cities, as well as at ports and airports. Again, splitting the hire cost and the petrol costs could make your budget run smoother.



There is nothing more freedom-inducing than the feel of the wind in your hair, and travelling around Spain on a motorcycle is easy if you have the correct licence. Again, there are plentiful hire places around the country at a reasonable cost.


Buses - Travel Cheaper in Spain

Getting around the country on a bus is easy and cheap. There are many different companies that offer services, either locally or cross-country, with fast connections between cities. It is advisable to reserve your seat and book in advance for longer trips, but it is a cheap way to travel.



This is mainly for getting around specific cities, and trams are operated in some Spanish cities, such as Barcelona and Valencia. This is quite a charming, old-fashioned way to get around.


Travelling by train is perhaps the most comfortable and cost-effective way to cover long distances, and Renfe is the national train company that covers most of the country. If you want to get between large cities, you will find this is the fastest way by far.

By air.

By air - Travel Cheaper in Spain

There is a good quality internal air system in place, with Iberia offering competitive rates. This is a good idea if you want to get somewhere fast, and you’re not bothered about seeing the scenery en-route. Perfect for those with travel on a time constraint.



Renting a bike is a good way to get exercise and see the countryside first hand. Most of the country is very bike-friendly, however in large cities, such as Barcelona, you might find a few challenges at hand. If you want to cover large distances on your bike, then you will find trains that allow you to take your bike with you, so you can have a pit stop if you feel the need.


Metro - Travel Cheaper in Spain

Inner-city Metro networks are of good quality and cheap. They are also very easy to use with maps on the main stations, and plenty of staff around to help. Madrid and Barcelona have particularly good Metro systems in place.

Pick your method, and get out and explore this large, diverse, and beautiful country.


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