travel safety tips everyone should know

Essential travel safety tips everyone should know

Essential travel safety tips everyone should know

Travelling is one of the major interests that most people harbour in them. But travelling can be exciting as well as frightening at the same time if we don’t be aware of the threats that come while travelling. If somebody is travelling for the first time then obviously it is essential to know the safety tips before you get ready for it. Here are some travel safety tips everyone should know to have a safe and happy journey.

Ground Transportation

It is sensible to select ground transportation sensibly to avoid any major issues. Check the mode of travelling whether it is safe and be assured that the car by which you are travelling is functioning properly, if it is your own. Don’t forget to fasten the seatbelt while you are driving. It is better not to travel alone on any public transport system.

Start with the government department

You can gather all information about the country or state you are travelling from the government department. Visit their website and get accurate details of the area. Getting registered with them is a good idea as if there is any natural disaster you can get home safely.

Stay in contact

It is fun to travel alone but always tries to stay in contact with your near and dear ones. In case if any unusual things happen they could be able to find you out. Inform any of your friends where you are staying and where you are going.


All of us know that carrying identity documents is mandatory while travelling to any far off places. So before you leave for your travel destination, it is better to scan your identity proofs and keep it in your smart phone or email it to yourself. This may be helpful in case you forget your documents at the hotel.

Confirm any visitors with the hotel reception

You are in your resort and there may be knocking at the door regarding the cleaning of the room. Before you allow anybody to your room just make a call to reception and ask them whether they had sent anybody for housekeeping. You never know a thief who can enter your room pretending to be from the maintenance department.

Don’t show off your valuables

Smartphones are essential to take pictures but are not necessary to take out your cell phones, again and again, to show it to the crowd around you. Keep your money at a safe place in your room. No need to pay huge tips or show off your money as there may be thieves around following you.

Carry an emergency kit

Whenever you are on an outing, try to keep an emergency kit with you. It should include first aid, a flashlight, phone charger, a backup battery, a knife, matches, bolted water, blankets and canned food.

Get your zippers lock

Using a backpack is necessary while travelling, but make sure that at least one of the zippers of your backpack is locked. Let the thieves get discouraged that you are alert regarding your things.

Stay active

Never share your personal information with any unknown person. Do not make yourself vulnerable by drinking too much with strangers in a new place. Always watch yourself that you are not getting over drunk.

Other than these essential tips it is advisable to lock up your valuables in the hotel safe in your locked luggage suitcase when you leave the room. If you are travelling in a poorer country do not overload yourself with Jewellery to attract thieves. Tips are different for different regions. Travelling to the hills and deserts has different tips. So get enough knowledge about the area you are travelling to. Keep an emergency contact number of the nearby police station where you are going. Keep your ATM card always with you in case of emergency.

I think that these travel safety tips everyone should know are pretty helpful. The more valuable tip other than these is using your common sense, following your gut and do not let fear attract negative situations. Your attitude is the most important thing when you are going to an unknown place. Do not let any negative thoughts overwhelm you. So just stay positive, follow these simple tips and enjoy your trip.

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