Travel to Florida

Travel to Florida

Why Should You Travel to Florida?

As a native Floridian, I may be a bit biased about the state, but I think there are hundreds of reasons to answer the question “Why to travel to Florida?” In fact, there are so many amazing and wonderful experiences I’ve been privy to just by nature of my home state that I dare you to read this list of 50 reasons to visit Florida!

50 Reasons to Travel to Florida!

  1. Theme Park capital of the world
  2. Even better, most parks are located in Orlando or an easy drive from Orlando
  3. The Everglades National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Spot and airboat rides on the swap are unique to Florida
  4. It’s the Sunshine State
  5. The number one petting zoo in the country is at Lowry Park Zoo in the Tampa Bay area
  6. Key Lime pie, right from the source where it originated in the Florida Keys
  7. The Salvador Dali Museum in St. Petersburg has the most Dali masterpieces outside of Europe
  8. Learn about the national Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Circus at the Ringling Museum in Sarasota
  9. 8,500 miles of shoreline, 7,800 lakes, 320 springs, and 35 rivers means there is an endless way to enjoy the water!
  10. From South Beach in Miami to the beaches on Siesta Key near Sarasota, we have that covered
  11. Ybor City in Tampa is the largest party district in the United States
  12. The Florida Keys has some of the best dive spots in the world
  13. You can swim with dolphins here at Sea World’s Discovery Cove, or the Dolphin Research Center on Marathon Key
  14. Our spring is not too rainy and sunny nearly every day
  15. When it rains, it’s probably only going to last for 15 minutes, so it doesn’t ruin your plans
  16. Spring break capital of the US; Panama City and Daytona Beach are hubs of inter-state spring break revelry
  17. A slice of the US Southern culture is palpable in the Florida Panhandle
  18. Sweet tea is standard! You won’t have to sugar your un-sweetened tea and watch the crystals sink to the bottom, it’s essentially our state drink.
  19. Top-class fishing from all over the state
  20. Manatees swim in the cold freshwater rivers
  21. Real mermaids delight the little girls in your family if you head to Wiki Wachee State Park
  22. Delicious Cuban food!
  23. 20 percent of the state speaks Spanish natively, so why not practice your Spanish?
  24. Yeah, we have plenty of that!
  25. Wonderful museums in all of the major cities (Orlando, Tampa, and Miami in particular)
  26. The Kennedy Space Center Visitors Center is a whole day activity
  27. Why not skydive in Titusville?
  28. Music at the Hard Rock and the House of Blues, along with the Ford Amphitheater are great venues for international bands and concerts.
  29. Looking for campy dinner shows? Orlando offers Dixie Stampede, Sleuth’s Mystery Show, and Medieval Times
  30. Year-round outdoor celebrations since our weather is so moderate
  31. The grouper here is some of the best you’ll ever eat, and the scallops follow as a close second
  32. Florida oranges…so tasty we ship them all over the world
  33. Alligators! In the wild, or in a contained environment, your choice (though sometimes not your choice…)
  34. Palms trees lend a slice of classic paradise
  35. Tropical birds you’ll find no-where else in the United States
  36. Head to Tarpon springs for a Greek salad the locals here uniquely make with potato salad
  37. Spectacular sunsets over the Gulf of Mexico, enough said
  38. Snorkel to see the massive Christ of the Deep statue underwater off the Keys
  39. Quirky and iconic glass bottoms boats give glimpses of the gorgeous coral and fish living in Florida’s waters
  40. Key West’s Duval Street is well-worth people watching and window-shopping for a day of lazy enjoyment
  41. Boat out to the Dry Tortugas for a bit of local lore and unique wildlife
  42. Drive across the Sunshine Skyway Bridge, the largest cable-stayed bridge in the US and the #3 bridge in the world according to the Travel Channel
  43. Augustine is the oldest settlement in the US
  44. Ernest Hemingway was a fan of the state and you can visit his home and museum in Key West
  45. Experience a bit of Native American culture at any of the handful of Reservations in the state
  46. Head to Key Largo, unofficially the Dive Capital of the World
  47. The Annual Mug Race is the longest sailboat race in the world from Palatka to Jacksonville along the St. Johns River
  48. Collect  prehistoric sharks teeth in Venice, Florida and you won’t be the only one on the beach digging through the sand
  49. Head out on one of the many Caribbean cruises that launch from Fort Lauderdale
  50. The options are endless so everyone in your family will leave Florida happy and with wonderful memories!

Wild, Adventurous, and Educational Florida for Families

Florida is a great place to visit with your family, whether you’re thinking of planning a road trip by yourself or relying on local agencies for help. All you need is careful planning and a map of Florida and you’re getting closer to a memorable holiday. A family trip to Florida doesn’t have to be all Disney and thrill rides though. Here are three wild, adventurous, and secretly educational attractions you and your family should not miss:

Discovery Cove

Discovery Cove
Discovery Cove

Discovery Cove is a theme park for animal lovers, who usually spend their whole day exploring. The park has several signature attractions, such as a thirty-minute dolphin interaction program, snorkeling among banks of tropical fish and coral reefs, and even hand-feeding parrots and toucans. Going to Discovery Cove, however, isn’t something that can be done at the last minute, as admission is reservation-only. The reason is due to the fact that owners want to avoid overcrowding and give visitors the attention they deserve.

You can purchase Discovery Cove tickets with FloridaTix and enjoy all the benefits of the resort without having to make much effort. With FloridaTix you can book tickets to numerous theme parks and attractions without having to stand in line or waste the time you’ve saved for sightseeing. Families who have used this service received not only the tickets to the attractions of their choice but also information about the places they want to visit and the weather. By planning a trip in this manner, even bad weather can be avoided and everyone can make the most of their holiday.

Another great thing about buying your tickets ahead is the fact that you can get various packages and gain access to more than one park. For example, if you want to go to Discovery Cove, use FloridaTix to see if there are other parks that you can visit on combination tickets. That way, you can save more time and take your family to a place they’ll enjoy.

Kennedy Space Center

Kennedy Space Center

Many kids dream of traveling to outer space, and by visiting the Kennedy Space Center they will get the opportunity. Even adults can join in and have just as much fun, especially because of the interactive simulators and the Shuttle Launch Experience, all of which will take visitors on their own space mission.

There are many other exhibits available, such as the Angry Birds Space Encounter or the Special Viewing for Rocket Launches, which, as the title suggests, give visitors the opportunity to witness a rocket launch. Also, there is a two-hour bus tour which will help everyone get a general idea of what the entire exhibit is about (buses depart every fifteen minutes and the last tour departs at 2:30 PM, so make sure you arrive early).

Busch Gardens

Inspired by the African savannah, Busch Gardens is a theme park that allegedly has the most roller coasters out of any other park in Florida.  Cheetah Hunt, a launch coaster, is one of the most popular rides, and it is particularly known for its incredible speed (similar to the animal it was named after). However, there is more to this park than just thrilling rides. Visitors also stop to explore Busch Gardens’ large safari park with almost 3000 animals which include: Bengal tigers, rhinos, and antelopes.  The park is huge, so you might have to decide beforehand what you want to visit, as you won’t have time to see everything in one day.

If you’re planning on going on this wild adventure, you should definitely check the admission hours in advance, since they vary from season to season. Furthermore, the popular roller coaster rides are always in demand so try to check those out before the park closes or right after it opens to save time. Also, if you’re traveling with your family by car, there is a small fee for parking, so make sure you set some money aside for that.

The number of theme parks and attractions for families is endless, but these three are particularly diverse. From space adventures to thrilling safari expeditions, children and adults alike will enjoy what these places have to offer.

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