Treehouse Resorts in the World

10 Treehouse Resorts in the World

If you have walked into the travel agents or started browsing for holidays online and have got very bored quickly, then you may want to try something completely different. If this is the case, checking out the list of Tree house resorts is a must. Over the last decade, holidaying in a luxurious Tree house has become extremely popular, and here we will explore ten of the best in the world.

Even though treehouses may be something the majority of us associate with childhood adventures, this proves that this is no longer the case. This is by no means a new idea. In fact, Tree house resorts have been around for 25 years. However, in recent years Tree house resorts have really ‘branched’ out. If you can get over the initial fear of heights, and get used to the fact that a tree is supporting you, then you will have a great time because staying in a Tree house resort has a certain novelty to it that you will not find on any other holiday. This is because all the other types of holiday are now considered mainstream, and this is the most innovative type of holiday that you will find.

Harptree Court – England 

Harptree Court – England

While the UK may not be the best destinations to spend your holiday, Harptree Court is a glorious example of one of the finest resorts in the world. One of the main features of this resort is that you can sit in the bath and look out over the treetops. Furthermore, the majority of the rooms have a balcony that looks out over some of the finest scenery in the UK.

Hinchonbrook Island Wilderness Lodge – Australia

With 15 timber tree houses, Hinchonbrook sits on an island with 11 secluded beaches, making it ideal for those who want to get away from everything. Every room has floor to ceiling glass windows, which means you can see out over everything, including the beaches.

Treehotel – Sweden

Treehotel – Sweden

24 rooms have been designed by some of Sweden’s top designers at the Treehotel resort. Suspended roughly five metres off of the ground, each room is unique and custom designed. If you want to get really adventurous, there is also a tree sauna that can fit 12 people. Waking up in the heart of the Swedish countryside and looking over the treetops is simply amazing and something that cannot be described.

Green Magic Resort – India

Sitting roughly two and a half hours from Calicut airport is a wonderful eco friendly tree house. The tree house has been designed using ethnic materials, and it sits 90 feet above the ground. While looking over the nearby forests you may be able to see monkeys, wild boar and even elephants. The resort is a half-hour drive through a forest so you know that you are right in the middle of nowhere at the Green Magic Resort.

Cedar Creek – USA

Cedar Creek – USA

Sitting 50 feet above the ground, the Cedar Creek Tree house in Washington is truly one of a kind. For starters, there are few resorts where you can look out over nature from an indoor hammock. On the other hand, if 50ft is not high enough, then a nearby fir tree has an observatory that is 100ft tall. If you want to go higher on foot, 10 minutes away from the resort, you can hike in the Mount Rainier National Park.

Out N about Treesort – USA

Out N about Treesort

The Out N about Treesort in Oregon is the ideal holiday for those who want to stay in luxury and want to experience some great adventures at the same time. Zip lining, rafting, hiking and camping are all some of the amazing activities you can get up to when in Oregon. With 15 places to stay, this resort has something for everybody.

Tree House Lodge – Costa Rica

Tree House Lodge – Costa Rica

Accessed through a hanging steel bridge the Tree House Lodge in Costa Rica sits on the southern Caribbean coast. The whole resort has been designed from fallen trees, and the tree houses are services by solar heating panels, which means this resort is one of the most environmentally friendly.

Hanalani Treehouses – Maui

Hanalani Treehouses – Maui

They may not be a more beautiful island then Hawaii, and the same can be said for this tree house resort. You can choose from three different treehouses; B&B (sleeps 8), Treetops (sleeps 2-3) and the Tree Pavilion (sleeps 5). All of these treehouses have stunning views of the area, especially Treetops, which have clearly been aimed at couples. This tree house has no electricity and is instead lit by torches and candles in the night time, which makes it one of the most romantic places you can stay in the world.

Ariau Amazon Towers Hotel – Brazil 

Ariau Amazon Towers Hotel

One of the largest tree house resorts in the world, the Ariau Amazon Towers Hotel is 35 miles from the nearest town. The whole resort is linked by more than ten miles of wooden catwalks, which will give you an idea of the sheer size of the resort. There are two 150 ft high towers at this hotel as well that should not be missed.

Tranquil Resort – India

Tranquil Resort india

Clearly a resort for the wealthier people, Tranquil sits on a 400-acre estate. The resort has been crafted from coffee wood and there is a working plantation of the estate. The main bedroom has a full king-size bed and even a Royal Poinciana, which grows right through the bedroom.

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