Trip to Georgia Aquarium

Trip to Georgia Aquarium

For those who would like to have the vacation of a lifetime, Atlanta is the home of the world’s largest aquarium and with over 120,000 residents, there is certain to be something for everyone. Whether it is the popular Dolphin Tales in a Broadway-style show, the Ocean Voyager, home of the whale sharks, and the SunTrust Georgia Explorer where it is all about interacting with the natives, there will be a variety of things to do in the Georgia Aquarium. Another great area to visit while in the aquarium is the Cold Water Quest, look for Grayson and Qinu, the young beluga whales, who were born in Sea World San Antonio.

Things to do at Georgia Aquarium:

This is a very “hands-on” aquarium, where guests can join with several of the residents, up to and including actually swimming with them. For an additional fee, guests can enjoy a personal encounter with the sea otter, where they will be given some background knowledge on how they came to be part of the aquarium. This encounter also allows the guests the opportunity to prepare the meal for the sea otters. For those still fascinated by the whale sharks, you too can get up close and personal, in fact, this program allows the guest who is certified in open water diving, to have the ability to swim with these gentle giants. If dolphins are your favorites, you can also pet and feed them with their own encounter program.

Many of the guests will tell you that you should not miss Deepo’s Undersea 3D Wondershow, which uses the latest technology to bring another level of enjoyment for patrons who get to experience life as the creatures of the sea. If you have ever wondered what takes place after you go home for the day, you should not miss the behind-the-scenes tours. Some of the things you will be introduced to are the Ocean Voyager, the Tropical Diver, and the food and medical facilities. The Aquarium also has a special corner, just for the children, where special care is given to their curious minds, and information is broken down to a level that they will find easier to understand.

Georgia Aquarium Discount Tickets:

Although ticket prices are worth every penny, there is no reason why patrons should pay full price when they don’t have to. The aquarium has several opportunities to bring those prices to a more manageable amount, through group discounts for kids and schools. The Aquarium also recognizes the service that our veterans and our seniors have provided this country, which is why they are also offered a discount on their tickets. Other money-saving opportunities are also available through membership in AAA, AARP, and a few others. Look for them and cut the price of your ticket whenever possible.

Additional Tips:

Because of its popularity, the aquarium is very well patronized. What this means is that you should choose the time that you plan on attending very carefully. If you are trying to see everything, the earlier you go the better, although some people have been known to beat the crowds if they go a few hours before closing. There are a few things to keep in mind when planning your trip to the aquarium, don’t bring any outside food, and make sure to leave your weapons behind.

Other than the regular day-to-day activities, adults and their entire families can make arrangements to join prearranged sleepovers, where they can enjoy the quiet of the aquarium after all the noise of the daily activities come to an end. The Georgia Aquarium is also a popular venue to host your next birthday party, Camp H2o, and even your upcoming wedding. If you enjoy being around the creatures of the sea, to the extent where you need to spend as much time as possible with them, this aquarium is the perfect place to be, in fact, you can even adopt a few of your very own dolphins.

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