Tripura Tourism 

Tripura Tourism 

Places You Should Visit During The Tripura Tourism 

Tripura is situated in the northeastern part of India. This state is also known as the Home of Bamboo, because of its large production, and further, it is used for making things. It is one of the parts of the seven sisters. This state touches the border of Bangladesh. There are many sites to see in Tripura tourism. In ancient times Tripura was known as Kirat Desh. The state is mainly known for its bamboo furniture. People of this state are very much, experts in art & craft, especially in hand-woven clothes. There is a royal palace which is named Ujjayanta Palace, it was used as the legislative assembly, in 2011 but now it is made the museum for the state.  It is the perfect mixture of rich culture and various heritage sites. Places to visit in Tripura tourism are:


Udaipur tourism

Udaipur is situated at the banks of the river Gomati. It is the third largest town in Tripura. This is one of the famous spots, in Tripura tourism. Because of having a large number of lakes, now it is referred to as the lake city of Tripura, but most of the lakes are artificially made. There are many temples and historic sites to visit. Udaipur is mainly famous for Tripura Sundari Temple which was built in 1501. Gomati River is flowing in the city, which makes the agricultural land more fertile. Places to visit in Tripura are:

  • Tripura Sundari Temple
  • Kalyan Sagar
  • Gunabati Group of Temples
  • Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Nazrul Granthagar
  • Bijoy Sagar Lake
  • Old palace
  • Neer Mahal
  • Bhubaneshwari Temple
  • Tepania Eco Park



Agartala is the capital of Tripura. You will get to see many heritage sites here. It is the perfect mixture of heritage sites and natural beauty. The monuments of this place is beautifully designed by the different types of architecture. It is the first preferred city for visitors, who are on Tripura tourism. This state is very famous for citrus fruits and many times it has won the award in Citrus show. The very famous game football is played here. As, it is having its own football group. If you want to know more about Tripura, so there are many museums also located. Places to visit in Agartala are:

  • Ujjayanta Palace
  • Sipahijola Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Unakoti Hill
  • State Museum
  • Jampui Hills
  • Ummaneshwar Temple
  • Heritage Park


Ambassa is located in the Dhalai district of Tripura. It is the preferred destination, of Tripura tourism. This is the picturesque spot of Tripura, which is having many ancient temples. The people who love to see architectural design can visit the temples here. It will give you a remarkable experience of various heritage monuments. Places to visit in Ambassa are:

  • Neermahal palace
  • Pilak
  • Chabimura
  • Ujjayanta Palace
  • Jagannath Temple


Dharmanagar is mainly known for its scenic views of natural beauty. It is the second largest town of Tripura and also the preferred “tourist places in Tripura. This city will help you to know about the history of India, as well as this of this state also. There are many historic monuments and ancient temples, which can be seen there. The monuments are wholly designed on various styles of architecture. Places to visit in Dharmanagar are:

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