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Tsomgo Lake Travel Guide

Tsomgo Lake Travel Guide

Tsomgo Lake Travel Guide

Tsomgo Lake Travel Guide

Tsomgo Lake Travel Guide

Tsomgo Lake Travel Guide

Tsomgo Lake Travel Guide – Tourist Attraction & Places

Tsomgo Lake, an oval stretching 1 km at an altitude of 12,310 meters above sea level amidst the lush green hills of the Himalayas, is an attractive tourist destination in Sikkim. The depth of this lake is 15 meters and the lake is considered quite sacred. Situated near the lake is the sanctuary inhabited by extinct species of flora, fauna, and birds, in which the Brahmani ducks, which enhance the supernatural beauty of the lake, offer a mysterious view of the lake.

Apart from this, plants with many medicinal properties are also found in the sanctuary and it is only seen during summer and spring because, in winter, the snow accumulates around the lake, due to which the water comes into the lake due to melting and this is quite visible The lake is translucent and has an attractive hilltop view. Here is the travel guide to Tsomgo Lake, through which tourists will get a lot of ease on visiting Tsomgo Lake and they will be able to enjoy their trip.

Best time to visit Tsomgo Lake

The climate of Tsomgo Lake is quite calm and captivating, making Tsomgo Lake an excellent place to visit all year round. Tourists can see green rhododendron trees and thousands of colorful flowers in the summer between March and June, and beautiful views of nature are also available, tourists can enjoy snowfall in winter for this. Tourists can visit Tsomgo Lake from October to February. Due to the hilly terrain, it avoided going here during the monsoon.

Flora and Fauna near Tsomgo Lake

Extinct species of flora and fauna are found near Tsomgo Lake. Many attractive species of rhododendrons, primates, and blue-yellow poppies are found in the flora.

Wildlife such as musk deer, goral or red panda, Himalayan black bear, etc. is found near Tsomgo Lake. Also, there are many species of birds like blood pheasant, rose petals, yellow-bellied fantasy fly hackers, golden eagles, and many other migratory birds. Species are seen.

 Activities to do near Tsomgo Lake

  • Tourists can ride yak and too near Tsomgo Lake.
  • Visit the nearby Shiva temple to awaken the spiritual spirit
  • Create a photography and short videos amidst the beautiful scenery of nature
  • Take a cable car ride on the ropeway near Tsomgo Lake and watch the enchanting natural scenes from all around.

Tsomgo Lake Travel Tips

Tsomgo Lake Travel Tips

  • The passenger must carry all the necessary food and drink.
  • Must carry warm clothes before going to the snowy area.
  • Tsomgo Lake is situated on the Indian border, for this, you will need a government permit.
  • Keep all government documents such as passport, voter id, and Aadhaar card with you during the journey.
  • Foreign tourists are not allowed to go beyond Tsomgo Lake and Indian tourists will have to take permits for this.
  • Must follow all the guidelines given by the Sikkim government.
  • If tourists are traveling to Tsomgo Lake during Covid-19, be sure to follow the Covid-19 instructions given by the government along with masks, sanitizers, and social distances.
  • If the tourist has breathing problems, please consult a doctor before traveling.

How to reach Tsomgo Lake

Tourists can reach Tsomgo Lake via road after obtaining a permit from Gangtok, the capital of Sikkim. To visit Tsomgo Lake, tourists can hire a government-approved taxi and reach Tsomgo Lake from Gangtok.


Tsomgo Lake is a holy and charming lake that attracts every nature lover, adventure lover, and tourist. The serene picturesque climate here makes it one of the best places to visit in Sikkim. The Tsomgo Lake Travel Guide mentioned here will give you a lot of convenience during your journey.


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