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Unwind and Relax in London

Best Places to Unwind and Relax in London

Unwind and Relax in London: London is one of those few cities in the world that never sleep. Even the saner than the sane guys are also lost at times when spending even a single day in this busy-bee finance capital of the world. The city offers many non-silent flavors that are charming, interesting, bizarre, and curious to an outsider but a daily dose for a Londoner! Naturally, you might think there is hardly any place than that the city would offer to be at peace with oneself. But a slight diversion from the main squares lands you in some very heavenly places adjacent to this noisy metropolitan.

1. Westonbirt, The National Arboretum, Gloucestershire

Westonbirt - Unwind and Relax in London

Roughly 70 minutes ride by bus and 40 minutes by car from Bristol, this place is a paradise on earth for nature lovers. Approximately 2,500 types of trees from the world over – from Chile to Japan – exist in this park. Their natural colors beautifully contrasting with nature is a treat to watchmaking this place a stunningly tranquil zone to spend the weekend. It’s rare that even when throngs of people visit this dazzling nature scene, everyone is lost in the by lanes of vibrancy. Autumnal tones bring it to verve in October while come spring and the first blooms show.

2. Great Missenden and the Roald Dahl Museum and Story Centre, Buckinghamshire

Roald Dahl Museum
Roald Dahl Museum

Around 45 minutes by rail from Marylebone, this place is sure to invoke the hidden Roald Dahl in you. For, the Great Missenden housed the prodigious author who penned some of the world-famous children’s books in this very place for 36 years! The relaxed countryside village is also an extremely natural beauty which now houses a museum dedicated to the great author. You also get to see the very place he worked and get a photograph too in the replicated environs. Forget not to sip on hot coffee and Wonka-worthy cake at the Café Twit while exploring the surrounding greenbelt via the trails.

3. Crosswoodhill Farm, West Calder

Crosswoodhill Farm - Unwind and Relax in London
Crosswoodhill Farm

About an hour by Scottish rail and 40 minutes by car from Edinburgh lies this charming farm – a vast and serene landscape of fields and trees sans tractors and smelly sheds. Ambling through the green stretches, spotting new-born rabbits and lambs as you pass by is a charm that the main city can never offer. Walk towards the summit of Craigengar to see a small waterfall at the height of 1700 feet. Want to stay longer? Then the answer is Crosswood Hill Farm holiday cottages. Quality interiors, chic decor, and voluminous rooms are their signatures.

4. Stanlake Park Vineyard, Twyford


Just 40 minutes from Paddington by train, this place can be easily mistaken to be France for its lush vine acres laden with plump grapes, especially in the summertime, and has a large stately manor. One of the very few wineries so proximal to London, it is hard for any wine-loving Londoner to miss this wine haven. A tour of this place gives you access to the disgorging room and barrel room, bottling line try, and finally to sampling wines like Regatta, Kings Fumé, English Rosé, and Hinton Grove as you pass by. The Stanlake Blackcurrant liqueur – their highly popular brand – is a must-try.

5. Painshill Park, Surrey

Painshill Park
Painshill Park

Approximately one hour by rail from Waterloo station, this park is meant for those who love history. It offers not just the bewitching 18th Century derelict castles but also a breathtaking countryside landscape. Visitors can take two walking routes around the gigantic yet peaceful grounds. Go on a historic tour to grasp the fully restored crystal grotto or set up a picnic if the weather permits. It is quite surprising to know that very few Londoners have knowledge of this Grade I listed park. Maybe, that’s what makes it a quaint place!

Whether you are a Londoner or have any plans to visit this historic and beautiful city, then you sure must visit the above places. It is truly refreshing to get out of the maddening crowds and feel so close to Nature and yet never be far away from your home. So grab the upcoming long weekend and unwind and relax in the laps of one of these gateways.


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