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Valiyathura Pier- a fishing port in Kerala

Valiyathura Pier- a fishing port in Kerala

Valiyathura Pier- a fishing port in Kerala

Valiyathura Pier- a fishing port in Kerala

Valiyathura Pier- a fishing port in Kerala

Valiyathura Pier- a fishing port in Kerala

Valiyathura Pier- a fishing port in Kerala

Valiyathura is a coastal region near Shankhumugham in Kovalam and is a suburb of the capital of Kerala– Thriuvanathapuram. Previously it was the largest part in the southern coast of Kerala and after Kochi became a major port, it is now only a fishing port. It is a tourist spot due to its panoramic view of the sea. The waves of the sea are quite rude and it gets fiercer in rainy season. Visitors enjoy the rolling of waves and the magical sunset from the Valiyathura Pier. Another major attraction of the beach is watching the fishermen doing different activities to catch fish. People visiting there can also catch fish with their help or else buy varieties of freshly caught fish from them. This place is a favorite of the sea lovers where they could view the waves from very near.

About Valiyathura Pier

The pier was previously used to transport cargoes to other countries but now this pier is used by the fishermen to launch their catamarans (wooden boat-like) when the weather condition is rough. The pier is 60 year old and is 700 foot long. It is made up of cement and steel supported by 127 piles of concrete. The pier had 10 tonner cranes that were used to load and unload cargoes from the ships. But its location being in the water it got damaged gradually. Now the warehouses, structure and the cranes are of no use and are already destroyed. Visitors can see fishermen throwing their catamarans in the sea and then jumping into the sea to get into it. After that they are engaged in fishing. This is a wonderful activity to see in the beach. The Harbor Engineering Department is now in charge to reconstruct the pier in order to bring more tourists to the spot.

History of Valiyathura Pier

During the rule of Travancore king, Valiyathura was called as Raithura. When the Valiyathura port was regarded as the major port of Kerala, it was under the rule of Raja Solomon. The port used to export articles and spices to different places. During the war between Marthanda and Pillai, the soldier of Pillai was given protection by the fishermen of the region. At that time some of the soldiers married some Valiyathura girls and settled there.

Reaching there

The Valiyathura beach is located at a distance of 8km from the city centre of Trivandrum. The Trivandrum airport is the nearest airport to Valiyathura. The airport is located nearby Valiyathura and the pier could be seen from the plane when it takes off or lands. Buses and cars are easily available from anywhere in the city.

Useful information

The pier can be visited at any time of the year. But it could be quite risky to go there in monsoon due to high tides. So winter season serves as the most suitable season to visit there due to awesome weather for sightseeing. The pier is best to take photographs of the beautiful blue sea well contrasted with the green beach. The best snaps could be taken during the evening when the sun slides down making the sky appear red. At that time, it seems like somebody dissolved red color into the blue ocean. The spot is just a perfect spot to hang out with friends or spend a lovely time with partners and family.

The Valiyathura Pier is a must visit when you are in Thiruvanathapuram. It would not take much time to reach there and you could get into the spot during sunset to best enjoy the view. Standing at the pier and watching the surrounding sceneries and activities of the local people is a nice option to spend a quality evening. It you are visiting there alone then you would never feel lonely and bored. The rolling waves hitting the shore and listening to the sound while watching the red sun at dusk would engage your mind to feel the beauty of nature. You would be stunned to see such splendor where the sky meets the sea. The two forces of nature are seen to mingle with each other. So you must definitely go there to take pleasure in the mesmerizing views and click few stunning images of nature.

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