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Vatanappally Beach

Vatanappally Beach

Vatanappally Beach

Vatanappally Beach

Vatanappally Beach

Vatanappally Beach- things to know before you go

Explore the beauty of the South Indian beach into a remote village of Kerala. This place is one of the nice beaches that travellers seek to get a view of the blue Arabian Sea. The coastline is filled with tall palm and coconut trees that look magical in our eyes. Words cannot describe the feeling of being there. You need to experience it by getting at the spot and get connected with the vibration of nature. The Vatanappally Beach is located along the coastline of the district of Thrissur and you have to make your way to the beach through the village of Vadanappally. The beach is visited mainly due to the formation of beat. This beach is just an ideal location to enjoy all the activities you need to do while in a beach.

How to reach the beach

The national highway 17 that connects Kochi and Kozhikode is very close to the beach. The nearest railway station is Thrissur and from there autos, cabs and buses are available to the beach. The nearest airport is Cochin International Airport.

Accommodation near the beach

There are quite a number of hotels and resorts in and around the village of Vadanapally and you could select any one for a comfortable stay. If you do not find the right one in the village then you could opt for resorts in Thrissur town. Beach side resorts are there in great numbers. Kerala Darshan Beach resort is a low cost heritage resort that is sea facing. Village boating, Ayurveda treatment and arrangement for sightseeing are some of the facilities provided by this well known resort.

Nearby places of Interests

There are some places near to the beach which you can explore while you are there. Plan for a sightseeing visit from the hotels you are staying. The place is popular for the pilgrimage sites it offers. You can find quite a number of Temples, churches and mosques in the locality which creates a feel of divinity in the region. Some of the names of pilgrimages and attractions are mentioned here that is located near the beach.

  • Valigan kunnu
  • Nattika beach
  • Anakkayam
  • Shrine Basilica
  • Fine arts Government College
  • Lourdes metropolitan cathedral
  • Durga devi temple
  • Francis Church
  • Snehatheeram beach

Activities to explore

  • Swimming is one of the most common activities that we do when we are in a beach. And the beach of Vatanappally offers suitable shore to swim with not so high waves. The water being clear you can spend most of your time playing with the waves. Kids can also get opportunities to enjoy swimming with their parents.
  • A beach festival is celebrated every year named Oruma. If you plan to visit the beach at this time then you can gain a lifetime experience.
  • You can also explore the backwaters of the region by house boats which are known as By visiting in these boats you can get closer to the God’s own country.
  • Enjoy the coastal line formed by the deposit of corals due to which the sea is known. Coral reef formation is the unique Coral reef formation is the unique thing in this beach that is exquisite by nature.
  • Surfing and sunbathing are other activities that are usually enjoyed by people when in a beach. This beach being less crowded offers you to do surfing on the shallow water and sun bathing under the sun in winter days.

The Vatanappally Beach is away from the hustle bustle of busy life. So if you are interested in some virgin beach that is less crowded and is less explored then this one is just the right one. You can pass your valuable time in a favourable manner and get a chance to be close with nature. This beach gives you golden moments to spend with your loved ones away from noisy environment. Either you want to relax or spend vacations peacefully this one is the right place to offer such warm outings. The village is a meeting point from where you can go to Thrissur town, Guruvayoor and Kodungallur.

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