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Verna Springs of Kesarval, Goa

Verna Springs of Kesarval, Goa

Verna Springs of Kesarval, Goa

Verna Springs of Kesarval, Goa

Verna Springs of Kesarval, Goa

Verna Springs of Kesarval, Goa

Verna Springs of Kesarval, Goa

Springs are awesome gifts of nature that is found in large numbers in all over India. Verna Springs are well known springs of Goa and is a major tourist destination due to its wonderful refreshing feature. The water of this spring is believed to have medicinal properties that can cure joint ailments. Dense forests occupy its surrounding with hills around it. The spring is located over the Verna Plateau and is also called as Kesarval springs. Here you can notice the candid beauty of nature in its full length. People tour to Goa especially for sea beaches but it is hard to believe that such an astonishing sight is present in Goa. The place is situated almost at a distance of 22 km from the city of the capital of Goa, Panaji.

Reaching there

The nearby railway station is Margao railway station and the nearest airport is Dabolim airport located a t a distance of 17 km and 11 km respectively. The spring stands on the national highway that connects the Margao town. You can reach the place from Panaji by hiring a cab or on your own private car. While going to the spot you would come across Cortalim village nearby which the spot stands. After crossing Zuari River through a bridge you would soon reach your destination. The spring can also be accessed from Margao by hiring private vehicles or by taking a bus. Being in a secluded area it is better to visit there in groups. The nearest landmark is Kesarval Retreat. Turn towards left in the highway going to South Goa.

When to visit

The spring has a good reputation among the local people for its magical healing power. People of all aged groups come here to have a soothing bath under the spring. It has been proved to cure many eye and skin problems. During the monsoon season, the spring comes out gushing with full power and at this time it looks best. But during summer season in the month of April and May, the water dries up and the flow is broken. So the best season to visit the place is from June to September when the flow is high and you can enjoy its real utmost beauty. Verna spring is a nice option if you want to turn your idle moments into some quality time. Waterfalls soothe our eyes as well as freshens our mind. The place is best for photo shooting and adventure trial into the depths of nature.

As a medicinal cure

As compared to other springs, the Verna Spring is said to offer cure for certain ailments f the human body. People who know about it visit there to treat themselves. Local people often take a bath in the waterfall that is found to treat many problems related to eyes and skin. So this is new natural way that has been discovered in the spring. Now whenever you are in Goa, make sure to visit this place and enjoy bathing under the falls. And yes, rainy season or post rainy season is must to enjoy the located.

Other nearby attractions

Along with the springs, you can combine other places of interests in your tourists’ destinations.

  1. The nearby village in the north of Zuari, known as Talaulim is a well known spot due to the famous St. Anne Church. Every year the unique festival of Touxeachem is celebrated here.
  2. The Mormugao harbor and fort is situated at distance of 16 km to the west of the spring.
  3. To the south of the Verna Springs is the Rachol Fort. With little remains of the historical fort, the area is a nice picnic spot.

The department of state tourism has declared the place a tourist spot which is enclosed with enjoyment, thrill as well as natural treatment. So now when you have come to know about it, do not hesitate to visit here, a place into the wild nature. If you are adventurous then this place is going to make your tour an interesting one. The place is not far away from the beach and schedule tour plan by adding this spot into your itinerary.

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