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Versova Beach Mumbai

Versova Beach Mumbai

Versova Beach Mumbai

Versova Beach Mumbai

Versova Beach

Versova Beach Mumbai

Versova Beach in Andheri Suburbs, Mumbai

Facing the Arabian Sea the Versova Beach in Mumbai is known all over the city for its cleanliness. Beaches always offer a beautiful environment to the tourists who longs for thrashing waves. Shoring the North Western Mumbai, Versova is famous due to its beach and Versova Fort. Previously it was a land of the Portuguese till 1739, after that the Marathi Empire took over it defeating them. Recently the movement ‘Save Versova Beach’ has taken up a project to clean the area and on this world Environment Day the entire beach was freed from garbage. Every Sunday the cleaning procedure continues and the area gets a new purified look. Due to such awareness, in the early month of 2018, sea turtles were spotted for the first time to lay eggs in the last twenty years which is a great achievement for the cleaning community. Tourists now feel a sense of relief and can breathe in open air. People of all aged groups are seen to frequent the beach. It is a nice area where you can spend quality moments with near ones.

The beach is inhabited by the community of fishermen, the kolis at the end of the beach on one side. The area is mainly occupied by them and fishing is regarded as the main occupation of this area. The building along the beach is protected from the waves by massive rocks. When there is high tide or during the monsoon the beach is seen under water, therefore neither inhabitants nor structures are permanent on the beach. The BMC and local citizens have undergone many attempts to improve the beach condition, but still there is some gap in reaching the attempts such as no lifeguards have been installed there which is very much essential for the treacherous sea waves. The section at the northern part of the side is called rock beach.


The old city of Mumbai houses Versova where the fishermen have their huge community. The actual name of the beach is Visava which means rest in Marathi language. Once in the year1964 the beach was frequented by a group of Muscat and Arabs and killed everyone they saw in the village. The story was mentioned in Gamelli Careri in the year 1695. In the medieval period when the Portuguese occupied the region, they constructed a church in Versove, named Our Lady of Health Church. During that time, many Kolis were converted into Christians. By the year 1720, the area took up the form of a small town whose occupation was trading dry fish. Next, the Marathas took it up and strengthened the Versova Fort. After that in the 18th century, the British defeated the Marathas and took it over and created the engineering cadets.

Arriving there

The Versova line No. 1 in the Western terminus is the nearest station to the beach. From the station, the beach could be easily reached by foot, the distance of which is hardly a kilometer. Alternatively there are many state buses that run from few spots of the city to the Versova Beach. Taxis could also be hired for a comfortable journey to your destination.

Best season to visit there

The best time to visit then beach is winter and spring season which starts from October to March. The other months are hot and humidity remains very high in the region which could be intolerable for some of you.


Few of the activities that are done in the beach is horse riding, snorkeling, cycling. The season of Ganesh Chaturthi draws tourists from all over the country that shows interest to take part in the festival. Watching idol immersion at this time is a nice thing to do. Apart from this the beach always welcomes people to watch the sunset view which is an enchanting one. At this time photography is the best thing taken up by the visitors.

The Versova Beach rather a small one is an attractive place for the tourists for the huge fish market. It is a nice place where you can find people making deals in fish trading. The surreal view of the horizon and the nutaral beauty altogether makes it a perfect weekend destination.

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