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Vetal Tekdi

Vetal Tekdi

Vetal Tekdi

Vetal Tekdi

Vetal Tekdi

Vetal Tekdi, the highest hill in Pune

The Vetal Hill is located at height of2600 feet in the city of Pune, Maharashtra. The name of the hill derives its name from the temple Vetala that stands on top of the hill. The Marathi name of the hill is known to all by Vetal Tekdi. The hilly region is maintained by the forest department of India in a deck beside the temple. The hill is a portion of Bhamburda Van Vihar situated on the western direction of Pune Municipal Cooperation. The hill possesses two spurs- Chathurshirga and Fergusson College hill. The hilly region spreads its area over SNDT University of Women, MIT college, Gokhale Nagar, ILS Law College and Chhaturshrungi. Only one road is there that runs from south to the hill. Along the road there is a parking apace.

Weather condition

The summer seems to be very hot and dry as well. Due to this sometimes small forest fire could be seen inside the forest of Vetal Takdi. During the rainy season, the place becomes slippery and hard to climb. And in winter season, the weather becomes foggy and cool. If you have a thirst for adventure then weather should not affect your desires. Sunset and sunrise are very attractive and photographers find this place an interesting one due to this reason. Dry deciduous forests inhabit the hilly terrain. Shrubs and trees of medium size make the most of forest. In monsoon season plants of herbaceous species creeps out and occupies most of the place. According to the Agharkar Research Institute, there is existence of angiosperms species, pteridophyts and bryophtye in the Vetal hill.

How to reach Vetal Tekdi

Climbing the hill is available from Kothrud, Chhaturshrungi and Pashan. You need to take help of the guides for climbing the hill as you do not know the route. Cabs are available from Paud road and you can also reach there from Deccan side.

Things to do

  • It feels very inspiring when we see people walking and jogging into the natural vegetation for a new refreshing start up.
  • Cycling is another activity that is done by some of the people.
  • It is an awesome region where the couples can spend time together amidst nature. No inappropriate things are done here by them.
  • Photography is definitely the most fantastic activity to do here
  • A walk from Chhatursghrungi to Kothrud will never tire you rather you can enjoy a satisfying walk.
  • People accumulate on weekends to watch birds as the area has diverse species of birds like sunbirds, Indian Robin, pea fowls, bulbul, fanocolins, white breasted kingfisher and a lot more.


Recently many activities are being done which has affected the growth of natural vegetation like plantation of endangered plant species which resulted in ornamental decoration of the region with flowering plants. Secondly some areas have been used for protecting several animals and birds and for that fences have been used. A two kilometer patch of forest has been cut to construct a road from Balbharati to Paud Phata. The fort and the lower bridge of the forest have been used for some purpose and have interfered into the green region. Some of the active people have tried to oppose using the forest area for urbanization but no result. Every year many plants are getting destroyed due to human activities.

After so many issues regarding deforestation the Vetal Tekdi still embraces tourist who visit here every day. Most of the region is controlled by the defense force. Sometimes people cross over the fence to explore the area inside. Walking trials are being planned by the maintenance department, the reason of which would be to educate the interested people in indifferent plant species as well as migratory birds. Charges could be levied for such trials. Morning is the best time to visit the hill as that is the perfect time for photo shooting with many chirping birds around. The view of the entire Pune is so beautiful from the hill top. The beauty of Vetal hill is different depending on different seasons. But is the most beautiful place in Pune ideal for trekking and is a favorite of nature lovers.

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