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Visiting Tel Aviv on a budget

Visiting Tel Aviv on a budget

Visiting Tel Aviv on a budget

Tel Aviv

Visiting Tel Aviv on a budget

Visiting Tel Aviv on a budget

Tel Aviv, the capital of Israel, is a modern, cosmopolitan city known for its rocking nightlife. Tourists sometimes mistakenly consider Tel Aviv to be of great historical and religious significance. However, this isn’t the case. Jerusalem is a Holy City with historic significance, but Tel Aviv is in stark contrast. The city is hip and happening. It features world-class beaches and a roaring nightlife. While Friday nights in other parts of Israel are considered to be auspicious and moments of reflection, but Tel Aviv prefers to indulge in a night of revelry at its many nightclubs and discotheques. Here you’ll get a wealth of international culinary delights to savor.

Tel Aviv is more expensive in comparison to other cities. Tourists coming to Tel Aviv often ask whether budget travel is possible or not. But, Tel Aviv is also quite welcoming to budget travelers. If you are visiting the city on a tight budget, then you won’t afford to miss the joys that Tel Aviv offers for book airline tickets at the cheapest price.

If you are traveling on a budget, then here are some of the valuable tips worth considering. By following these tips you are sure to have great times in Tel Aviv and thoroughly enjoy your vacation here. The first concern for every traveler is how to commute within the city and save big bucks as well. Of course, commuting within the city can be surely done in an affordable way. Consider renting a bike instead of splurging on a rental car or taxis. Tel Aviv is a fairly flat city, where you will find perfect biking conditions. If you are comfortable with renting a bike and seeing the city yourself then this would absolutely be a sane choice.

If you are on a sightseeing tour of Tel Aviv, don’t ever think of hiring a guide. This would help you save a great deal. The Tel Aviv Association for Tourism offers free guided neighborhood tours. Opt for such tours and avoid paying unnecessarily to the guide for showing you around the city.

Always try to stick to the regional cuisine. This will help you save on your food. Regional delicacies like falafel, hummus, and kebabs are found aplenty here in supermarkets and restaurants and are highly affordable. These are to be found everywhere and are eaten by everyone ranging from construction workers to businesspersons. Popular street foods like Shwarma, Schnitixzel, and Bourekas (fine pastry filled with different fillings) can also be tried out. Tel Aviv’s Carmel Market has good restaurants where you will find regional cuisines. Some of the cheapest and best eateries can be found along Etzel Street in southern Tel Aviv’s Hatikuvah District.

These are only a few tips that will stand you in good stead when traveling to Tel Aviv. You will not only enjoy your visit here but also find it to be quite affordable indeed.


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