Vizag tourism- Vishakhapatnam tourist places

The major tourist interests of the Vizag tourism have been provided below with details.

Vizag tourism- Vishakhapatnam tourist places
(Last Updated On: July 21, 2018)

Vizag tourism- Vishakhapatnam tourist places

Vizag often known as Visakhapatnam is a major tourist attraction due to wonderful ranges of hills, valleys, temples, caves and beaches. The city is located in the southern state of Andhra Pradesh and is lapped by cool beaches of Bay of Bengal on its eastern side. Travellers find this place truly majestic and exciting with enriching experience. It is generally regarded as one of the top growing sector in the continent. Other than picturesque view of nature, the city is enriched with native cultural heritages of ancient tradition that should not be missed. The major tourist interests of the Vizag tourism have been provided below with details.

Boro caves and Araku Valley

Boro caves

This is a beautiful and the oldest cave in the city that has been discovered by the British geologist William King in 1807. The cave extends at an elevation of 100 km horizontally and 75 kilometres vertically. This is the origin place of River Gosthani that is flowing through the nearby cities. You can watch beautiful landscapes, wild flowers of the deciduous forests. Compared to area coverage it is the largest cave in the country. The stalactites inside the cave due to water containing calcium bicarbonate flowing from the roof top, has formed many types of structures that the tourists had named. Human brain, shiv parvati, tiger are some of the stalagmites. The entry fee to this Cave is rupees forty for adults and thirty for child.

Araku Valley

Araku Valley

It is an awesome valley situated at a distance of 100 kilometres from the city. Araku valley is another major attraction for the tourists due to the hilly terrain and the beautiful scenarios. The valley could be viewed very clearly when you are travelling by trains. Lush greeneries, majestic landscapes, hill peaks and valleys could be watch while travelling to Araku from Boro Caves. The train passes through many tunnels on the way to Borra Guhalu Railway station.



It is another interesting place to visit in Vizag tourism that offers beautiful sight as it enclosed by two beaches, Rishikonda and Ramakrishna on its left and hillock on its right. There are sculptures of lord Shiva and Parvati, due to which the hillock got its name, Kailashgiri (home of the deities). Several view points are there at the hilltop from where you can have mesmerizing view of the green surroundings and vast sea. Telescopic points, titanic view point, gliding base point, shanty Ashram are some of such points.

Submarine Museum

Submarine Museum

This is a poplar museum located on Ramakrishna Beach and is a unique one in the continent of Asia. It is also known as Smritika. It was previously a Russian built submarine that has been changed to this present submarine museum in the year 2001. A huge amount has been invested to bring the underwater marine to the shore by three great departments including Vishakhapatnam Port.

Rishikhonda Beach

Rishikhonda Beach

It is the most beautiful beach in the region and is attracted not only by tourists but also nature lovers due to greeneries surrounding the beach. The Andhra Pradesh tourism has managed to construct beautiful restaurants and cottages along the beach with view of the sea. The sea beach offers some pleasurable activities such as wind surfing and water skiing and you would feel safe to swim along the shore. The tidal waves and the golden sand make the place a tourist favourite.

These are the major tourist places in the town. Varieties of home stays and hotels are there within your budget near every tourist spots. And you should never miss one delicious dish of the city found at a small village, Chaparai near Araku that is the Bamboo chicken. It is a unique dish prepared by the tribal culture and you should taste it once in your lifetime.

How to reach

The nearby railway station is Vishakhapatnam and is well connected with major cities of India like Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi, Bangalore etc. The Vishakhapatnam airport is 16 kilometre away from the city. The airport is connected to Indian cities and international cities such as Dubai and Singapore. Vizag is on the national highway 5 and both public and private transport system is available from Central India and South India.

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