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Wicked Good Road Trip Apps

Wicked Good Road Trip Apps

Wicked Good Road Trip Apps

Wicked Good Road Trip Apps

Wicked Good Road Trip Apps

Wicked Good Road Trip Apps

5 Wicked Good Road Trip Apps to Keep Kids Busy

You’re not alone if the thought of traveling long distances in the car with children fills you with a certain amount of dread. Indeed, road trips can be incredibly dull for kids and they often act up, distracting you, the driver, and increasing the chances of an accident that can make it hard to find affordable auto insurance quotes.

What’s the best way to settle the ants in their pants, and give your children something interesting to do on your next phone trip? You may be delighted to know that your smartphone is an invaluable ally on the road trip front. Many applications are designed to entertain children of all ages. Some popular games are educational, giving young minds a workout on a long trip. Other applications offer a new twist on classic road games, even allowing multiple players to participate at once.

These are five of our favorite road trip applications for young road trippers. Give them a spin on your next long journey.

Road Trip Scavenger Hunt

Road Trip Scavenger Hunt allows up to six players to participate in a game of “I Spy” at once. It records everyone’s scores and offers an extensive list of things to look for, letting everyone seek at the same time without repeating clues. A similar application by the same name is available free on Android devices.

Brain Toot

Available exclusively on the iPhone, Brain Toot is an application that stretches mental muscles on road trips and beyond. Math, logic, and puzzle games are available on Brain Toot, making the app suitable for older children or adults. The application is available free with ad support, or $0.99 without ads.

Road Trip Bingo

What better way to keep eyes occupied on the road than by recording their findings on a Bingo card! Road Trip Bingo is a $0.99 iPhone app that gives common road sights on a bingo card. Match across a row to win! The drawback to this game is that it’s a competitive luck game that only one player can participate in at a time. You could use multiple smartphones to let several children play, but if you only have one, this could be a lonely venture. Bingo Road Trip is a similar application, available free on the Android marketplace.

Word Scramble

Word Scramble is a great game for children old enough to spell. Players race the clock to find as many words with three or more letters as they can before time is out. With a pass-and-play option, two or three children can take turns finding words. This is a free application, available on both the Android and iPhone platforms.

Road Trip Fun

Available in the iPhone app store for $0.99, this isn’t a game but a compilation of rules for some of the most popular road games in existence. This app is perfect for when there is no cellular signal and your kids may be showing signs of boredom. Road Trip Fun has plenty of game ideas that will keep your entire family occupied for hours. An identical app is available free of charge for Android smartphones.


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