Winter Morning in Norway

Winter Morning in Norway

The time of the year when we all like to stay indoors and hit our reset buttons is winter. During this season the land of the Vikings, Norway turns itself into a paradise veiled in snow. This land of Norse mythology is always a place of interest for this land, its civilization was created within this mountainous place with wonderful people presenting vibrant architecture and rich history. The beauty of the land lies when activity is minimal, during the winters. When Norway wakes from sleep in the morning, the snow-clad environment presents a serene landscape.

During these long winter days or more precisely during the fresh white season, skiing has held a special place in the history and the culture of Norway. The landscape presents deft slopes and tailored trails.

During winter the food in Norway really gets fresh, be it prawns, blue mussels, scallops, langoustines, lobsters or fish, pork, mutton, or deer. The traditional “smalahove” (sheep’s head) is a must-try when in Norway.

Here is a list of things to try to get out of the winter morning laziness in Norway:

  • The Vikings sailed through the rivers of Norway in their own kind of ships during ancient times. At the Viking Ship Museum in Oslo, the history of these ships has been said and other fascinating stories about the Vikings are portrayed in this museum. A nice place to get to know the land of the Vikings especially if you are new in Norway.
  • Vigeland Park is considered the world’s largest sculpture park. Situated in Oslo, it is one of Norway’s prime attractions. Hundreds of wonderful sculptures were made by Gustav Vigeland, Norway’s most celebrated sculptor. A nice place to take a lazy stroll.
  • Next comes Emanuel Vigeland, Gustav Vigeland’s brother who is a popular painter his works are kept at the Emanuel Vigeland Mausoleum. The shape of the Mausoleum is that of a cylindrical vault. It is said to be the best-kept secret of Oslo. Take a stroll for it is really an interesting site to visit.
  • Norway got a lot of history and stories and so the number of museums is pretty high. Artists and art lovers find it to be an inspiring place and thus Norway gets special in drawing inspiration during winter. Visit the National Gallery to catch some of the famous works of Pablo Picasso, Vincent van Gogh, and Edvard Munch.
  • Shred off the excessive winter laziness with adventurous trekking along the mountain’s edge in Preikestolen. Climb this 604 meters route at the Lysefjord winding through the enormous cliff and have some flow of adrenaline inside the adventurous you. The real challenge lies in the winter.
  • Probably the laziest thing to do to shed the laziness. Take a ferry ride at Geiranger. The scenic experience is bound to make you hallucinate and awestruck. A gorgeous S-shaped fjord is a place where you can wonder at the beautiful landscape of mountains overlooking the fjord. In a Norwegian winter, the town of Geiranger has a lot to explore.

Lastly, make sure you always make some time to spend a few of your winter days enjoying the snow under your feet.

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