World’s Most Beautiful Waterfalls

20 of the World’s Most Beautiful Waterfalls

There is nothing more amazing than the power of rushing water, and what sight could be more beautiful than a waterfall? The world’s most beautiful waterfalls range from rushing torrents to more delicate streams of water among beautiful foliage. These timeless beauties are among the best in the world.

Langfoss in Norway

Langfoss in Norway

Measuring 2008 feet in height, this beauty has a high volume of water rushing across 250 feet. One of the most impressive waterfalls of Norway, Langfoss has not been used for any form of hydro production, making it a rare, untapped beauty.

Yosemite Falls in California

Yosemite Falls

Located in the heart of the Yosemite National Park, the Yosemite Falls is the tallest waterfall in all of North America. The waterfall has a 1,430 plunge followed by 675 feet of cascades followed by an additional 320 feet of horsetail. Yosemite Falls is a major tourist attraction.

Mardalsfossen in Norway

Mardalsfossen in Norway

One of the tallest waterfalls in the world, this Norwegian beauty has two major falls as well as a section of cascades near the base. Since it is tapped for hydro production, the falls only run naturally between June 20 and August 20 – the tourist season.

Takakkaw Falls in Canada

Takakkaw Falls in Canada

A glacial melt, the Takakkaw Falls in British Columbia falls 853 feet between two sections of cascades. The total height of the falls is estimated to be roughly 1250 feet of water falling from the Daly Glacier through the Rocky Mountains.

Angel Falls in Venezuela

Angel Falls and Mount Roraima in Venezuela

The tallest waterfall in the world, Angel Falls reaches up to 3,212 feet in height. The tremendous drop of the Angel Falls reaches 2, 648 feet. The falls are impressive, but what is more interesting is that nobody seems to know the name of the stream that creates the world’s tallest waterfall.

Gocta Catarata in Peru

Gocta Catarata in Peru - World’s Most Beautiful Waterfalls

A hidden wonder, this waterfall was only recently brought into the common knowledge of travellers and waterfall enthusiasts. Measuring 2,531 feet, Gocta Catarata moves from a medium to a high pressure falls, and was only documented by a camera for the first time in 2002, when the falls were brought to the attention of the Peruvian government.

Sutherland Falls in New Zealand

Sutherland Falls in New Zealand

Measuring 1904 feet, Sutherland Falls has a well-established reputation around the world for it’s impressive beauty. The falls come from Lake Quill, a glacier lake. The waterfall has three steps measuring up to 815 feet each as the water tumbles down.

Hanging Glacier Falls in Chile

Hanging Glacier Falls in Chile - World’s Most Beautiful Waterfalls

A hidden wonder until just recently, Hanging Glacier is one of the best waterfalls in South America, but nobody knows how tall it is or has even attempted to measure the waterfall. It is estimated that water pours down anywhere from 1,400 to 2,000 feet through the Queulat National Park.

Ramnefjellsfossen in Norway

Once known as Utigardsfossen, this waterfall drops 2,685 feet total through cascades and horsetails. A high volume of water pours through this waterfall throughout the year making it one of the most impressive falls in the world.

Gavarnie Falls of France

Gavarnie Falls of France

One of the most impressive waterfalls in Europe, Gavarnie Falls is the tallest in France. The falls are located in the central Pyrenees Mountains and the water rushes 1384 to the ground after seeping from the lake through limestone.

Engstligenalp waterfalls in Switzerland

Engstligenalp waterfalls - World’s Most Beautiful Waterfalls

A tiered waterfall in Switzerland, you can enjoy this two-staged beauty from a tram that has been constructed to travel over the falls from the base to the top. With two horsetails dropping about 1,640 feet all together, this waterfall is worthy of its distinction in Europe.

Serio Falls in Italy

Serio Falls in Italy - World’s Most Beautiful Waterfalls

The tallest waterfall in Italy, Serio Falls is located in the Lombardy region and rushes down the mountains only five days out of the year. The waterfall has been tapped for hydro production and is dammed except on June 20, July 18th, August 22nd, September 12 and October 3.

Sulphide Creek Falls

Located in Washington State in the North Cascades National Park, the Sulphide Creek Falls is runoff from two large glaciers. The water of the falls runs down 1,000 feet of the mountainside into Sulphide Lake and then goes another 2,100 feet through the actual falls.

Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe

Victoria Falls

Right on the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe, this fall is far wider than it is tall. Measuring 350 feet in height, but 5,700 feet in width, this impressive block fall has four major portions.

Iguassu Falls in Argentina

Iguassu Falls in Argentina - World’s Most Beautiful Waterfalls

On the border between Brazil and Argentina, the access to the falls is located in Brazil, while the bulk of the actual moving water is in Argentina. The wide, rushing falls measures a width of 8,858 feet and is best known for a section called the “Devil’s Throat”.

Kjelfossen in Norway

Kjelfossen in Norway - World’s Most Beautiful Waterfalls

Another of Norway’s impressive waterfalls, this one has a total height of 2,477 feet with a single drop of 490 feet. This height has never officially been established, however, and this waterfall is often contested among the tallest in the world.

Kukenaam Falls in Venezuela

Kukenaam Falls in Venezuela

A sheer plunge of water measuring 2,211 feet, the falls are located in the eastern part of Venezuela, near Guyana. The waterfall is often called one of the tallest, but is, in fact, not in the top five tallest waterfalls in the world.

Yutaje Falls in Venezuela

This impressive waterfall is measured at a total height of 2,200 feet. The second tallest in Venezuela, the falls has a plunge that occurs in sections as well as a section of cascades.

Basaseachi Falls in Mexico

Basaseachi Falls - World’s Most Beautiful Waterfalls

One of the most famous waterfalls in Mexico, and possibly the tallest, the falls send water rushing down 1,023 feet of sheer drop in a giant horsetail. A large rock arch at the top of the falls helps to add to the height of this fall.

Tjotafossen in Norway

Tjotafossen in Norway - World’s Most Beautiful Waterfalls

A final Norwegian fall to round out the list, this waterfall is a 1,837-foot drop in a horsetail. The falls originate in the Brisdale Glacier and are easily seen from a very popular picnic area near the foot of the falls.

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