Zero Point Sikkim

Zero Point Sikkim: Travel Guide & Tips, How To Reach, Best Time To Visit

At an altitude of 15,300 feet above sea level in the invisible surroundings of the Himalayas, some distance from Yumsong, Zero Point is a popular tourist destination on the Indo-Chinese border in the state of Sikkim, India. A large number of tourists reach zero points to see the greenery, calm atmosphere of the Kanchenjunga ranges, and beautiful views of the rivers. 

The beautiful view of sunset and sunrise from zero points also spells that tourists can capture in their camera. Zero Point is surrounded by many mountain springs and attractive natural vibes, including many Bollywood movies, similarly, Bhima Nala Waterfalls, some distance away from Zero Point, is known as actor Abhinabh Bachan. Read the Zero Point Travel Guide to know about this beautifully filled natural beauty and flora, birds, and activities.

Best time to visit zero point

Zero Point is very good both in winter and summer. Tourists can visit colorful flowers and fresh new trees in the summer between March and June, this rhododendron tree also blossoms and can show the beauty of beauty all around. Zero Point, Yumthang Valley receives good snowfall during the winter from November to February, which allows tourists to enjoy snowfall and many winter sports. Zero-point is quite high, so visitors should avoid going here during the monsoon. Also, visit any time of the year and enjoy your holidays.

Places to visit in zero point

Seven sister waterfall

The Seven Sister Waterfall at Yumthang is an ancient waterfall that collects water from seven different sources and falls, it is a popular tourist destination in North Sikkim that looks like milk falling from the sky amidst the alluring beauty of nature. Tourists must capture the falling supernatural view of the waterfall in their camera. 

Seven sister waterfall is an ideal place to go for a picnic of zero points, apart from this, sheds and cafeterias have also been built by the Department of Tourism and Civil Aviation, which can prove to be quite good for the tourists to spend some time near this waterfall.


At a height of 8600 feet above sea level, Queen Lachung in the northeast is a famous scenic spot near Zero Point. Situated in Lachung, Lachung Monastery is one of the most visited monasteries of Sikkim built-in 1880. 

Tourists can see Buddhist culture and architecture in Lachung Monastery, besides many monks reside in the monastery and receive Buddhist education. The Buddhist style can be seen in the Bhithi paintings of the monastery and tourists can learn about Buddhism in the monastery through many other such mediums.


If you like to see the snowy view then you must visit the Kato, here you will be mesmerized by the beautiful views of the snow-capped Himalayan peaks. The forest here is covered with natural vegetation and snow on all sides, on top of which snow accumulates during winter, on which tourists can do many adventurous activities. 

However, Katao is located at a very high altitude, it gets snow all year round. Visit here to enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the Himalayas and the supernatural view of the mountains covered with white snow blankets.

Zero Point Travel Tips

  • Zero Point is located on the Indo-Chinese border, so tourists will need a permit to go here.
  • A heavy army force is stationed here and it is forbidden to take young children with you, otherwise, you will be sent back from the check post itself, apart from this, you must get a special permit from the following places.
  1. Gangtok Tourism Office
  2. Mangan District Administrative Center
  3. Chungthang Sub-Divisional Magistrate Office.
  • Foreign tourists should get complete information from Sikkim Permit before going to Zero Point.
  • Due to the mountainous terrain, the atmosphere is quite cold, so keep warm clothes with you.
  • Tourists must rent snow boots, gloves, and warm coats from the market in Yumthang.
  • Do not fill online banking and ATMs, keep cash with you so that you do not face any problems.
  • Zero-point is located at a great height, so the patient should consult the doctor here and take some necessary medicines with him.
  • If tourists are traveling during Covid – 19, then follow all local government guidelines and keep masks and sanitizers with you.

How to reach zero point

Zero Point is a sensitive area, so you have to come to Lachung first, from here you can go to Zero Point by government-registered vehicles.

By Air: – Bagdogra Airport is approximately 200 km away near Lachung Airport. Tourists can easily reach Lachung by taxi or bus.

By Rail: – New Jalpaiguri is the nearest railway station near Lachung. Tourists can reach Lachung by taxi or cab from here.

By Road: – Sikkim is an important state of tourism and to provide proper facilities to the tourists, the entire Sikkim is well connected through road and tourists can go to any corner of the state by many government buses, taxis, and cabs.


Zero Point is the best place for tourists to visit, with its natural scenery and cultural surroundings, tourists can do many adventure activities. The snow-capped mountains from all around make Zero Point a paradise for every nature-loving tourist. The Zero Point Travel Guide described here will help you a lot to get a unique feel of this attraction of Sikkim.

What are the places to live near zero points?

A little away from Zero Point you will find many luxury hotels and resorts to stay in Lachung, with Summit Alpine Resort, Tenzing Retreat, Summit Khangri Karpo Retreat, and Spa being the main place where tourists can stay while visiting Zero Point.

What is the height of zero points?

Zero-point is located at an altitude of about 15000 feet above sea level.

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