• Travel & Tourism Industry affecting due to Covid-19

    Travel & Tourism Industry affecting due to Covid-19

    Travel & Tourism Industry affecting due to Covid-19 The coronavirus pandemic arrangement was a devastating hit to the Indian travel and the travel industry, with the monetary effect being evaluated to run into a large number of crores of the rupee. As indicated by a travel industry service official, “There is a worldwide alarm. It isn’t just about India. Individuals are not having any desire to step out anyplace, if the whole economy is getting affected the travel industry would get hit as well.” As indicated by industry chamber CII, this is one of the most exceedingly terrible emergencies at any point to hit the Indian travel industry affecting all…

  • Must Visit Near Papi Kondalu, Andhra Pradesh

    5 Places One Must Visit Near Papi Kondalu, Andhra Pradesh

    5 Places One Must Visit Near Papi Kondalu, Andhra Pradesh The natural beauty, peaceful atmosphere, cool climate, and serenity of the surrounding hills of Papi Kondalu attract many people to experience the place Papi Hills, the recent name given to Papi Kondalu is a beautiful pass of the river Godavari in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Papi Kondalu, derived from the Telugu word, Papidi, roughly translates to the word ‘Partition’. It is a mythological belief in the epic Ramayana, that Lord Ram and Lady Sita visited this gorge during their exile of 14 years. This scenic place is a favorite tourist destination and the 5 places mentioned below are a…

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    Rest and Relaxation in South America

    5 Places for Rest and Relaxation in South America South America is an exceptionally beautiful continent, featuring many of the best tourist attractions across the globe. It has so much to boast about when it comes to history, culture, places, and people. If you are planning to have a memorable escape from the busy life of the urbanized cities in your country, then it’s time you experience the chill spots that backpacking South America offers. When it comes to relaxation, Venezuela, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, and Bolivia have so much to offer. Whether you like a natural (eg. thermal springs and lakes) or urban spas (man-made resorts), these countries offer a…

  • Things to Do in Kashmir

    Things to Do in Kashmir

    5 Interesting Things to Do in Kashmir Kashmir is India’s indispensable jewel and an exceptionally beautiful place. It is one of the favorite tourist destinations attracting people all over the world with its magnificent aura. People come again and again to relish its amazing weather, food, culture, and landscape of course. Kashmir is not just for sightseeing, but also a great option for adventure sports, spiritual break, and for experiencing a delightful time away from the madness of the metro city. So if you are planning to visit Kashmir and wondering how you can make your trip totally worth it, then go through the following list of some interesting activities and plan your trip…

  • Markets in South America
    International Destinations

    Markets in South America

    5 Awesome Markets in South America If you think backpacking South America is just for exploration of its natural wonders and scenic views, you’re absolutely wrong! Don’t you know that the continent offers more than that? The countries in South America are moving fast forward to prosperity and most of which are credited not just to the increase of the South American tourist visiting the famous sites and landmarks but also to the development of commerce on the continent. Each market is distinct from the other, where you can find unique creations made by the locals. The colorful displays of different products, crafts, goods, vegetables, and fruits along with the amazing…

  • Tips for Preparing an RTW Trip

    Top 10 Tips for Preparing an RTW Trip

    Top 10 Tips for Preparing an RTW Trip Preparing a trip around the world isn’t an easy task. It requires a lot of patience to research the places you want to visit, as well as book your flight and accommodation. However, if you are willing, you can certainly make such a trip both memorable and exciting. Here are 10 Tips for Preparing an RTW Trip: 1. Time and money: Planning such a long trip requires time, but also funds. Can you safely quit your job or ask for a leave for several months? Do you have the money to not only arrange your accommodation but also spend it on yourself?…

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