Places to Visit in Andheri

Top Places to Visit in Andheri, Mumbai

Let us have the discussion in our article about the famous place of India that is none other than our Mumbai and from that let us choose the place that is so special for visiting Mumbai. And a special place of Mumbai is Andheri which is the bunch of the tourist places which attracts many visitors whoever why did this and area of Mumbai.

Everyone one of think to have a great trip when ever we get free time and maximum we will try to spend the complete time with our friends and family only. So here we are to give the suggestions to you people who have doubts in planning for a trip to the different places with different kind of adventures which brings a lot of fun to us.

And now for the lovers of visiting different kind of places in their trip in the vacation time try to mark this place whenever you have trip to Mumbai to Andheri. Andheri is one of the Best place to visit in Mumbai. And now let us have the list of the places that we need to choose whenever we Go for a trip to Andheri of Mumbai.

Versova beach

Versova Beach
Versova Beach

So here in this list we have mentioned 4 of the places from the on dairy where we can enjoy each and everything and each and every moment which we spend with our friends and family. And the first place we have mentioned in our article is about the Versova beach.

Many of the tourist people will show their complete interest towards the beaches in the summer times to spend their time in the cool weathers. So the reason for selecting this place is to make you feel comfort in any weather with your friends and family. Versova beach is one of the most famous beach with less crowd and many more activities within it. The reason for the crowd here is many people still now don’t know about the fantastic things which we can do here in this beach.

Actually this beach is very much famous for fishing and even for swimming. So people from the localities and different places come here to have different kind of fish is and to swim in the water of the beach. Maximum of the area of the beach is covered with markets of the fishes. So whenever you about this beach try to have the different fishes you like and spend some time in the water of the beach.

The main adventures that you can do near this Versova beach are scuba diving surfing and swimming and even many more like this water-sports. People from the all the ages can participate in the adventures of Versova beach. So try to mark this in the top of the list of places to visit in Andheri.

Gilbert hill

Gilbert hill

And the next place from our article we need to mark in the second place whenever we have a plan to visit and area of Mumbai is Gilbert hill. Even when we compare this Gilbert hill with Versova beach the crowd will be very less. Maybe this is not the top most tourist place in Andheri of Mumbai but definitely we need to mark this place in our trip to Andheri because we need to know many things about this place.

The reason for visiting this place is that this is the 3rd place in the complete world which is completely made up of rock into a shape. And the other two are in the United States of America And the last one is situated in our India. So this is the special scenery from the area of India so we need to definitely visit this place at least to have some photography shoots at the Gilbert hill.

Mahakali caves

Mahakali Caves Mumbai

At the next please come on article which we have marked in the 3rd place of the places to visit in Andheri east Mahakali caves. Whenever we see this case we will think that it is one of the historic place of India definitely this is one of the historic place of India which is located in Mumbai and 50 combination of 19 caves.

Instead of visiting the beaches and bars sometimes we need to have some interest towards the historic places so we have chosen this place in this article. The architecture of the case attracts people who visit this Mahakali caves more. Try to spend some of your time near this case by having a big look towards the complete 19 caves.

Street shopping and butterbeer

The last place from our article is about the street shopping and to have a butter-beer. Malabar visited new place rod in our locality will show much interested to shopping to find the different kind of things we don’t have still now so the reason for selecting this is to have a memorable shopping. Try to find the different kind of things on the streets of Andheri and don’t forget to taste the butter beer  in Andheri at the night times.

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