Adventure Travel Destinations in Europe

10 Adventure Travel Destinations in Europe

Adventure Travel Destinations in Europe: Absolute thrill and gush of adrenaline await you in Europe. The Europe that most people know is a tapestry of history, architecture, breathtaking settings and quaint old towns. There is another side to it – the world’s most unforgettable adventures, as long as you are ready to strap-on your boots! Here are the beautiful continent’s 10 most fascinating adventure destinations.

  1. Interlaken, Switzerland
Interlaken - Adventure Travel Destinations in Europe

The Alpine lakes and snowy peaks have their homes in this UNESCO World Heritage site. Europe comes to a halt at this highest peak in the Alps at Jungfrau Jouk and the Aletsch glacier. If hiking and climbing are breath-taking, leisure-loving travellers can take the Jungfraubahn to reach the top of the glaciers. Interlaken is the year-round amazing destination, be it the white snowy winter days or mild summers when wildflowers and melting snow waterfalls fill the valley.

  1. Grossglockner Alpine Road, Austria
Grossglockner Alpine Road
Grossglockner Alpine Road

The most stunning drive in all of Europe is through the Grossglockner Alpine Road. Popular among adventurous road-trippers in all seasons from spring to fall, this way proposes priceless panoramic views of the longest Austrian glacier – the Pasterze. Though the hairpin curves are usually explored with a car, true adventurers take this road via bicycle or by foot.

  1. The Dolomites, Italy
The Dolomites - Adventure Travel Destinations in Europe
The Dolomites

Startling hiking, mystic mountain villages, lakes, glaciers and an exclusive cultural bounty all come together at the Dolomites. In summer when the wildflowers bloom with open skies, there is a huge influx of hang gliders and hikers. Again in winter, the same zone transforms into an internationally-recognized snowboard and skiing destination.

  1. Mont Blanc, France
Mont Blanc
Mont Blanc

This highest peak in Europe is also a Mecca for thrill-seekers from the world over. Reaching the summit of Mont Blanc is no easy feat which pushes your adrenaline levels to umpteen heights. But that is truly rewarding as the serendipity of exploring the actual glacial interior is quite high. Again, paragliding through Mont Blanc’s alpine landscapes is highly a breath-taking activity.

  1. Canary Islands, Spain
Canary Islands - Adventure Travel Destinations in Europe
Canary Islands

Shedding its only-beaches reputation, Canary Islands is now attracting adventurous travellers too. You have a chain of unique microclimates on these islands sandy deserts. Martian volcanic landscapes, sub-tropical forests as well as palm-studded sand beaches are all here. Water sports like sailing, snorkelling, surfing and whale watching are the island’s biggest draws and are simply unparalleled in Europe.

  1. Madeira, Portugal

Portugal’s Atlantic archipelagos are embedded in Madeira. Here, you are in for some hearty wines and absolutely calm lifestyle. Madeira proves itself on adventure tourism with its world-class surfing trails alongside its misty volcanic ridges. The best feature is the rocky peak Arieiro, whose trails transport travellers to verdant eucalyptus forests that offer a stunningly lunar landscape.

  1. Tarifa, Spain
Tarifa - Adventure Travel Destinations in Europe

This brilliant beach town located on the Strait of Gibraltar is known for Wind. Besides offering dolphin-filled turquoise waters and golden beaches, Tarifa is also an arch international destination for kite and windsurfers. Furthermore, the rocky hills are popular among hikers and climbers. At the top, the view of amazing sunsets awarding the Strait with the Moroccan silhouette in the background is just beyond description.

  1. Iceland

A little away from the capital Reykjavik takes you to a sphere of bubbling hot springs, colossal glaciers, epic waterfalls and volcanoes. Enjoy in-person Northern Lights’ eerie spectacle. Don’t forget the fascinating Jökulsárlón – an icy glacial lake bordering the Breiðamerkurjökull glacier.

  1. The Berchtesgaden Alps, Germany
The Berchtesgaden Alps
The Berchtesgaden Alps

This rocky expanse on the Austrian-German border is a hiker’s paradise. Abundant with trails for all levels, its best path is a circle Königssee – a stunning glacial lake fixed between towering mountains. Cable cars ferry travellers to the area’s best locations that are popular among local hang gliders as well.

  1. Montenegro

This young European country amazes the senses with its vivid coastline, an unending chain of mountains, fairy tale woodlands and lakes. Kayaking in the Boka Bay, hiking and biking in Durmitor National Park, rafting in Tara Canyon take you to new highs. Also, you must walk the old city walls of Kotor – a truly unspoiled Adriatic town and a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Whether it is adventure travel or family travel, a is sure to enthral everyone irrespective of the age and culture. Try visiting these best adventure travel destinations in Europe and you are sure to cherish the experience for your lifetime.

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