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Backpack With Prepaid Card

Backpack With Prepaid Card

Backpack With Prepaid Card

Backpack With Prepaid Card

Backpack With Prepaid Card

Backpack With Prepaid Card

Backpack With a Prepaid Card

Backpacking is a great value way to see the world, but although accommodation and travel can be cheap and cheerful, security can sometimes be a bit of an issue. So rather than carrying wads of cash around, it’s wise to take at least part of the spending money on a prepaid card.

For starters, if cash is lost, it’s almost certain to be gone forever. But if a backpacker loses a prepaid card, or it’s stolen, the card itself and the amount that was on it when it disappeared can be replaced, as long as the card has been used sensibly.

Some also offer free purchase protection, a valuable feature that can help customers to get their money back if the card is fraudulently used. It can also help get money back if the cards used to buy airline, ferry or coach tickets and the company goes bust.

A prepaid card can help keep the traveller on a budget, because the amount that the backpacker can sensibly afford to spend during the trip can be loaded onto it. He or she can then keep the money needed for essentials back home separate, so it can’t be spent by mistake.

But no matter how carefully a traveller budgets, if they get caught up in an emergency abroad (from a political uprising to volcanic ash grounding flights) it can become vital to have a way to get extra funds. That’s why it’s reassuring that a prepaid card can be topped up remotely using online banking, or over the phone.

What’s more, some also offer linked currency cards in other denominations, such as Euro and US Dollar. These can be conveniently topped up with a couple of clicks of a mouse from the GBP Account, whenever and wherever the backpacker has access to the internet. At the end of the break, any remaining money on the currency cards can be moved straight back into the GBP account, ready for use back in the UK. Or just left on the currency card ready for the next adventure.

Finally, acceptance for a prepaid card is guaranteed as long as the cardholder is 18 or over and (when not backpacking) lives in the UK, making this a great choice for pretty much anyone about to go on an adventure travelling around the world.


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