Travel to South America

Travel to South America

If you are an adventure and a sports freak and have this insatiable greed to meet new cultures and explore new ways of life, as dynamic, albeit, in a different way than yours’s, traveling is one of the activities you must very frequently indulge in. There is no better feeling than hitting the road with no itinerary planned and your whereabouts undecided. If this is what you are looking for, traveling through the Americas can be a fantastic start.

South America in particular offers a wide plethora of landscapes, to fulfill your adventure needs, all on the same land, including some budget destinations. Several cultures intermingled and immersed in one, showcase how nature commands man’s ways of living in quite an obvious way! South America offers you all of this, and leaves you in a state of absolute awe! Be it the snow-covered Andes or the deep forests explored by the Amazon, the ever white sand beaches, or the astounding flora and fauna, one never regrets choosing this part of the world as his travel destination.

One might wonder if there are connectivity problems while getting intentionally lost in her deep rainforests and experiencing near bliss, but with affordable international calling and advanced technological options like internet and calling cards at your disposal, travel is made much easier and safer and all the more possible for single backpack travelers. It might seem a little tough in the beginning to decide the starting point of your travel, but if you like to do things the crazy way, you could try the Amazon first! Getting on the canoe and taking the ride of your life followed by some caiman-watching on a black water lagoon, can be as fulfilling an experience.

Brazil is the biggest country on this continent and offers you pristine rain forests, white sand beaches, stretches of it, and dramatic landscapes. Travel with online phone cards and be assured of good networks almost anywhere and everywhere. Not just the landscapes, but get a taste of Brazil’s culture as well, like literally. Have a sip of Caipirinha, Brazil’s national cocktail, and lay by the beach staring at the sea! You will automatically lose track of time.


Argentina could be your next stop. While its urban life is bustling enough to attract you, the real pleasure lies in the natural world that this country has to showcase! Right from the waterfalls in the sub-tropical north to the peaks in the Andes, the Moreno glacier in the south to the stretches of deserts and the Valdivian forests, this part of the continent is one land of wonderment for a true traveler! Interested in doing something steamy, and Tango awaits with open hands, like literally!

Another continent in itself, Peru too will amaze you with its diversity. The Andes peaks in this part of the continent are more or less glaciated and the wide variety of floral and faunal species that you get to see here is simply jaw-dropping! There is no dearth of ancient ruins either. Have a monumental experience, pun intended, with Machu Picchu, the lost Inca City being the cherry on your cake. This archaeological site still is as mysterious to its explorers as it was, many thousand years ago. Chile too is a country not to be missed. Stretching across half the continent, Chile, if you go by the name, can give you a chilling and diverse experience at the same time, what with its deserts, volcanoes, steppes, and numerous islands still wooing many from far off lands.

Hope you are now intrigued enough to plan to take a magic ride down this roller-coaster that’s the epitome of spirit and enthusiasm. This is one promising trip that will change your attitude towards life, forever! Get ready then, for the transformation, to begin!

10 Amazing Natural South America Tourist Attractions

Backpacking South America often poses a common dilemma; which place does a South America tourist visit first? This is a frequent bittersweet problem since there are numerous South America tourist spots to be seen and experienced. All of these natural South America tourist attractions offer uniqueness and beauty. Backpacking South America is a great way to check out the mystical and amazing unexploited natural beauty of the continent. Since distances are vast and terrain can be hard to maneuver, getting travel insurance is definitely recommended. Check out these top ten natural locations a South America tourist should visit to see the highlights of the region.

#1: Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

Salar de Uyuni - Travel to South America

Located in southwestern Bolivia, Salar de Uyuni is a unique marvel of nature. It is the largest salt flat in the world at an altitude of 3500 meters. The influx of South America tourist groups in this particular destination has also attracted hotels. However, these are no normal buildings. Everything in these structures is made out of salt, making it a very surreal experience.

#2: Brownsberg Nature Park, Suriname

Brownsberg Nature Park

Another natural park offering a chance to get in touch with nature, this reserve provides a great opportunity for hiking and trekking for those backpacking South America. It is one of the most frequently visited locations in Suriname, making it one of the top South American tourist attractions, though still considered off the beaten path.

#3: Colca Canyon, Peru

Colca Canyon - Travel to South America

Measuring 3000 meters in depth, the Colca Canyon is a must visit site for any South America tourist backpacking South America. The valley in which the Colca Canyon is located also has other geological attractions such as volcanoes and gorges. The terrain and the views are completely awe-inspiring and provide a subtle reminder of the wonders present in our nature.

#4: Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas, Brazil

Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas

Present in Brazil’s capital, Rio de Janeiro, this lake offers a calm and serene environment. As compared to the other South America tourist attractions, Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas isn’t isolated. However, it still offers breathtaking views as it is surrounded by mountains. The lake also offers very diverse fish and bird varieties as well as numerous species of exotic plants.

#5: Easter Island, Chile

Moai, Easter Island, Chile
Moai, Easter Island, Chile

Rapa Nui, more commonly known as Easter Island is a majestic place and simply a piece out of heaven. The island is remote and almost 3000 km from the coast of Chile, making it one of the most preserved and unspoiled islands in the whole world. The downside is that it is at a considerable distance from the country but the travel is worth the experience. The island is scenic and the views are simply stunning. The South America tourist will find this island one of the most beautiful places to visit.

#6: Lake District, Argentina

Lake District, Argentina - Travel to South America

Argentina has an abundance of natural beauty and one of them is known as Lake District in Patagonia, near the city of Bariloche. The scenery is quite spectacular with snowy mountains, waterfalls, and crystal clear lakes that make it one of the most visited South American tourist spots. The district also offers natural reserve parks which are bursting with wildlife.

#7: Cueva del Guacharo, Venezuela

Cueva del Guacharo

The largest cave present in Venezuela, this location can be identified as one of the must-see South America tourist spots. This area is famous for its density of oilbirds, called guácharos. A slow-flowing river also runs in the cave adding to the amazing atmosphere.

#8: Los Nevados National Park, Colombia

Los Nevados National Park

Located in the Colombian Andes, Los Nevados National Park is one of the best natural parks in the region. The horizon is dominated with volcanic peaks like the Nevado Del Ruiz. Lake Otún is a small, pristine lake located in the natural reserve which is home to endangered bird species such as the Colombian torrent duck and the Andean snipe amongst others. Fishing is also a popular recreational activity as the lake has rainbow trout in abundance.

#9: Tati Yupi, Paraguay

One of the many wildlife refuges present in Paraguay, Tati Yupi is home to numerous species of mammals, like the capybara (similar to an armadillo) and birds such as the pirita or the white-eared Puffbird. This natural reserve is a must see destination for birdwatchers and as it provides an unforgettable experience. Bicycle tours can also be arranged for those who want to explore further.

#10 Amazon

Amazon jungle - Travel to South America

The Amazon jungle is perhaps the most frequent destination that comes up when backpacking South America. It is the world’s biggest rainforest and it runs through nine different countries in South America. Any South America tourist who plans on backpacking South America has to have the Amazon on his or her wish list. The main layer present in the forest is the canopy trees with thick dense growth. The Amazon is perhaps the best example of biodiversity on the planet. Insects, mammals, reptiles and birds like rhino beetles, jaguars, anacondas and scarlet macaws all thrive in this majestic place. It is home to species unknown to the rest of the world and the whole ecosystem is co-dependent. The Amazon River runs through the rainforest which is also a massive breeding ground for reptiles and species that live in water. Piranhas, poison dart frogs and crocodiles are some of the creatures that are found in the vast array of river life.

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