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Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas All Inclusive Deals and Resorts

How about a vacation in Mexico or to be more precise on Cabo San Lucas, the southern tip of Mexico’s Baja Peninsula? Statistics show that every year millions of tourists from around the world travel here on different occasions and most of them do visit again and again which proves how enjoyable the place can be.

Cabo San Lucas is a popular destination among the travelers and is praised for its stunning beaches and magnificent landmarks. Since it is located at the confluence between the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez, visitors can enjoy the breathtaking views of the ocean and those mesmerizing colors during the sunsets.

Be it a fun filled vacation with your family members or friends or a special vacation with your loved ones, Cabo San Lucas has everything to offer to make your vacation a pleasant memory that you will never ever forget.

Although there are several independent hotels and resorts, it’s the all inclusive resorts that provide affordable and convenient options to the travelers. Most of the all inclusive resorts are located in the downtown areas and the Hotel Corridor of the city.

If you want less expensive all inclusive packages then the downtown area is the best option. However if you don’t mind paying a little extra for added amenities and upscale accommodations then look for the resorts in the Hotel Corridor areas. There is one feature in the downtown area though; you don’t need to travel in a car because most of the tourist attractions and hot spots are at the walking distance. But compared to the downtown area, there is wider selection of in resort activities in the Hotel Corridor area.

The all inclusive packages at Cabo San Lucas are no different than at other destinations. Like usual a typical all inclusive package at Cabo San Lucas includes accommodations, meals, beverages a guide and few recreational activities. The features included in a package are determined by the amount you are willing to spend. The more you spend the more features will be added such as more meals, beverages, car rentals and other amenities.

Do you know that there are few tricks you can follow to get some great deals on the all inclusive packages?

Yep, it’s true. There are few tricks that will help you get the same package at much lower cost or get some heavy discounts on the packages. Listed below are some of those tricks.

  • According to the traditional concept of traveling, you get some great deals on off seasons. And it is indeed true because during this time hotels, airlines and even ship cruise offer some heavy discounts on tickets. The peak season of Cabo San Lucas lasts from October through April so avoid these months when scheduling your vacation to enjoy some heavy discounts.
  • Purchasing a package during the mid week days of Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday is another trick to get some great deals on plane tickets. By the time Friday starts, the price will rise again both of the plane tickets and the hotels.
  • Group purchase is another trick to get some discounts on the packages. So if there are friends who are looking forward to purchase a package then make them purchase the deal with you so that both of you will enjoy some discounts.
  • A little comparison sometimes can save hundreds of dollar so do compare the packages before you purchase. You never know, the same package could be available at another resorts at much lower price.
  • Finally it’s the amount of time you spend for the search. The more time you spend, the more likely to get that perfect package. So make sure you spend enough time for the search.

All Inclusive Resorts in Cabo San Lucas

Some popular all inclusive resorts in Cabo San Lucas are listed below. These are popular among the travelers and personally I find them the best among the many options available. However this does not necessarily mean that you need to decide on any one listed here.

If a package meets your expectations and is within your budget then go for it. But do let others who will be traveling with you, know about your decision before you purchase. It is always better to take the final decision with discussions.

Hotel Riu Palace Cabo San Lucas

Hotel Riu Palace

Looking for a hotel with luxurious service and hospitality that everyone praises? Ask anyone, you will get the same answer; Hotel Riu Palace Cabo San Lucas. Beautifully located, the ocean front resort offers some popular all inclusive packages to the travelers.

Get ready to experience some Mexican cuisines and local delicacies at any one of the onsite restaurant; the flavors and spices will surely make everyone ask for more. A range of recreational activities are included such as gymnastics, diving, volleyball, wind surfing, golf and many other water sports. Each will add a touch of adventure in your vacation giving you a feeling, you will never every forget.

Tired of all those sports? Relax and enjoy the beauty the ocean has to offer. Enjoy the breathtaking view of the sunsets from your room or the landmarks and greeneries that surrounds the resort. There is no doubt that you will enjoy your every moment, so hurry up Hotel Riu Palace Cabo San Lucas is waiting for you.

Melia Cabo Real

Melia Cabo Real

Famous for its luxurious settings and magnificent surroundings, Melia Cabo Real is another recommended all inclusive resorts in Cabo San Lucas.

The package includes a hotel room, meals, beverages and tons of recreational activities. Each of the guest rooms are beautifully appointed so that you can enjoy the breathtaking views of the ocean and the landmarks that surrounds the resort. Meals include some local delicacies and Mexican cuisines, not interested? Well there are several international cuisines to choose from prepared by some renowned chef.

Recreational activities include several water sports, golf, tennis, volleyball and more; join any of them, challenge and have fun with your family members and friends. Relax in one of the swimming pools shaded by the palm trees, creating a wonderful environment or just walk on the beaches and enjoy everything the ocean has to offer. So what are you waiting for? Go purchase a package right away.

Dreams Los Cabos Suites Golf Resort & Spa

Dreams Los Cabos Suites Golf Resort & Spa

Just like its name, the resort will turn your vacation into a wonderful memory that you have always dreamed of. Two words; simply beautiful. No wonder people call it a near mystical destination.

The all inclusive packages are among the affordable options you will find in Cabo San Lucas. From accommodations to the recreational activities and even equipment rentals are included in the package. You don’t need to worry about a thing, devote all our energy in having the time of your lifetime.

Each of the guest rooms are well furnished and equipped with everything you need and thanks to the hospitality the resort offers, it won’t let you feel like you are away from your home. Enjoy the beauty of the ocean and the greeneries that surrounds the resort from your own room. Yep, a breathtaking view of the ocean will wake you up in the morning and the pleasing sound of those waves will make you fall asleep in that warm comfy king size beds.

Experience both the local as well as international cuisines in one of the restaurants; the quality and the taste are so good that it will make you ask for more. Kids can have fun at the supervised kids clubs and adults can join in any one of the recreational activities such as the water sports, golf, volleyball and many more and can have the time of their life. If you are tired then just relax in any one of the pool that will rejuvenate your spirit. Sounds appealing? Well then do not waste your time, go purchase a package right away.


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