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Californias Birds Fests

Californias Birds Fests

Californias Birds Fests

Californias Birds Fests

California’s Bird’s Fests

Californias Birds Fests

Top 5 California’s Bird’s Fests

Most fabulous birding events that take advantage of September fall migration, September festival in the Northern Hemisphere is the beginning of fall which means fall migration. Before the autumn temperatures fall too low and many birds fly to southern wintering ranges. This offer usually offers a broad range of activities for all ages. As well as a chance to see a great number of bird species and develop your bird’s skills.

Humming Bird celebration

Humming Bird - Californias Birds Fests
Humming Bird

The hummer birds’ celebrations are the celebration of the migration of ruby-throated hummingbirds through Texas. However, it is more than just about hummingbirds. In addition to hummingbird banding demonstration and hamming bird viewing opportunity, classification workshops are apprehended for migrating raptors, shorebirds, and confusing fall warblers. Bird boating trips are also held on the schedule for this 25th-anniversary event.

Monterey Bay Birding Festival

Monterey Bay Birding - Californias Birds Fests
Monterey Bay Birding

Some of the highlights are the four different pelagic bird trips and the chance to choose field trips to see California birds including pontoon, the California condor Owing trips, birding by kayak, puppet shows, a photo contest, and crafts are all parts of the exceptional festival.

Whooping crane Festival 

Whooping crane Festival 
Whooping crane Festival

The Whooping Crane festivals make it to be a more colorful and unique opportunity not only to perceive the endangered whooping cranes in the wild but also to observe the training of this year’s young cranes migration behind specialized aircraft. Other events include a silent auction, keynote speakers, and an international crane foundation tour.

Midwest Birding Symposium

It is only apprehended in odd-numbered years, the World Friendliest birding Event is an event that you should not miss. The event has few dedicated field trips including each morning suggested hotspots instead of information breakout sessions that focus on identification and refining birding skills for birders of all experience levels. A three-kilometer fun run, Lake pelagic trip, sunset cruise, and raffle are some of the events at the symposium.

Florida keys birding and wildlife festival

Florida keys birding - Californias Birds Fests
Florida keys birding

Events at south Florida birding celebration actually occur throughout the keys. They not only focus on birds but also on ecology and local wild animals astronomy sessions, Snorkeling, and tropical plant tours. are part of the celebration, as are raptor sessions shorebird identification sessions butterfly tours, birding in the Everglades, and a whole day trip to the Dry Tortugas National Park.

The festival listed above offers longer field trips and bird walk, expert lectures and presentations, and more. However, the events vary each year check an event’s update website for schedules, registration, cost, and specific information. Note: Only a few features are are mentioned above more are listed in the festival’s complete schedule. The event provides an opportunity to see new species, meet new friends, and improve your skills.


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