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Discover Dubai


Discover Dubai

Discover Dubai: Dubai is the venue for an unforgettable and worthy vacation. It is the cultural, economic, and administrative center of the United Arab Emirates. Currently, Dubai is a favorite place for foreign tourists, businessmen, and shopaholics from all over the vast world.

Luxury and brilliance reign in the solar emirate, but about 50 years ago, local residents did not suspect the impending coup. It was a small port town, lost in a vast desert. They were engaged in the extraction of pearls, which were exchanged for food. But soon a competitor appeared in Dubai – in Japan they learned to grow pearls artificially.

Demand for pearls fell, and difficult times began in the “city of pearl hunters.” Dubai would most likely turn into a silent village, if not for an accidental find … In 1966, oil was discovered here. It is from these times that the oil industry began to develop in the country.

Wise sheiks eventually realized that oil resources are not unlimited, and its reserves may run out and decided to focus on tourism in the development of the country’s economy and the city. Really grandiose projects have been developed that will turn Dubai into the most sophisticated and richest city in the Middle East. An unprecedented experiment to change the infrastructure of Dubai has begun.

Bridges, roads, hotels – everything should be at the highest level! All construction technologies are ultramodern, architects are the most famous. It was thought, it seems, impossible to attract tourists, for a comfortable stay for city guests and an unforgettable experience.

Currently, Dubai rightfully ranks first in the number of large-scale projects. They are amazing, breathtaking in their scope.

Dubai Attractions

Burj Khalifa


Each city has its own “business cards.” Such are available in Dubai. One of them is the tallest building in the world Burj Khalifa. This super-skyscraper in shape resembles a stalagmite. Rising from an artificial lake, a silver tower of steel and glass spirals into the sky at 828 meters. The source of inspiration for the authors of the project was a flower with six petals, which grows in the local desert – Hymenocallis.

The building owns 16 world records: on the 158th floor, there is the highest altitude stationary mosque in the world, at 76 the highest altitude swimming pool is splashing. BurjKhalifa has 163 floors: the lower 39 is occupied by a hotel, 700 luxury apartments are located from the 45th to the 108th floor.

Amazing fact: 700 apartments in a skyscraper were sold out within 8 hours after putting them up for sale. On the 124th floor, there is an observation deck. It offers stunning views of Dubai, the Palm Islands, the Mir archipelago, and even neighboring Emirates.

Dubai Mall and the Music Fountain

Dubai Mall
Dubai Mall

BurjKhalifa is the heart of a large multifunctional area. Not far from the tower is the world’s largest shopping center Dubai Mall. It covers an area slightly larger than 50 football fields.

In it, you can visit the rink of Olympic size, the largest aquarium in the world, a complex of cinemas with 22 screens, amusement parks for children. 1,200 stores are located under one roof! At Dubai Mall, you can buy goods for every taste – from branded clothing to electronic equipment.

In the immediate vicinity of Dubai Mall and BurjKhalifa, one of the world’s largest and highest musical fountain has settled down. The height of its jets rises to 150 meters. The fountain is illuminated by 50 colored spotlights and 6,000 light sources. The fountain show amazes with its beauty, dynamism, and light.

The musical compositions that accompany the game of jets will remain in your heart. And every time you somewhere, even at the other end of the world, hear a magical melody again, you will return that evening to an enchanting show when you watched the fountain dance with admiration and delight.

Burj al Arab

Burj al Arab
Burj al Arab

Probably, each of us has heard about the famous sights of Dubai – a seven-star hotel – the sailing boat Burj Al Arab. Outside, the hotel reminds us of a sail daw fluttering in the wind, an Arab ship used for trade. This miracle of modern architecture was built on an artificial bulk island, at a distance of 280 meters from the coast, connected to the ground by a bridge.

The construction is visible from afar, not only because of the remoteness from the coast but also due to the height of the structure – 321 meters. At 7 o’clock in the evening, the illumination of the 60-story tower turns on, which changes color combinations every 15 minutes.

Such a luxurious hotel cannot have simple design and size rooms. Burj Al Arab has 202 double-decker suites. The smallest has an area of ​​169 m2 and the largest – 780 m2. All rooms are furnished with sophistication and luxury.

Each room is serviced by a personal butler, therefore, it is not surprising that the price per night varies from $ 1,000 to $ 5,000 for a standard or improved room, and the price of a night in the Royal Suite is about $ 28,000. There is a helipad for guests to quickly get guests from the airport to the hotel, and guests can also be delivered to Rolls-Royce.

If you can’t take a room in this hotel, then one of the options to appreciate the “sailboat” from the inside is to book a tour in Burj Al Arab. You will be able to plunge into the atmosphere of luxury and brilliance: upon entering the hotel, you will find yourself in the highest hotel lobby – its height is 180 meters. You will also find a waterfall and a color music fountain, two aquariums with a rich variety of fish and coral reefs.

You can dine in the “underwater restaurant”: an impromptu submarine will take you to the “bottom of the Persian Gulf”, where you can enjoy seafood and enjoy the view of the coral reefs, looking at the rarest inhabitants of the underwater world. Each souvenir shop has the opportunity to purchase a magnet with the image of Burj Al Arab because this hotel has earned the right to be the main attraction of Dubai.

Dubai Historic District and History Museum

Dubai Historic Museum
Dubai Historic Museum

If you want to imagine what Dubai looked like in the past, go to the historical district of Bastakia. National houses, wind towers, which in ancient times replaced modern air conditioners, have been preserved here. Narrow streets lead you to the traditional spice market and the gold market.

Worth a visit to the Dubai History Museum. In it, you will plunge into the atmosphere of the pre-oil time. The Historical Museum features Arab huts and boats. If you enter a tower that is very unsightly from the outside, you will see a modern staircase down, breaking the steps of which, you will fall into the exhibition halls. They represent the figures of people in real size, engaged in traditional craft. Sound and lighting effects allow visitors to fully immerse themselves in the atmosphere of that time, and to learn more about the life of Arabs and their traditions. Entrance price – 3 dirhams.

The old district borders Al Fahidi Bay, and there is the opportunity to board an Arab boat and ride along the Dubai Creek Canal.

Ski Dubai

Ski Dubai
Ski Dubai

If you want to remember winter fun: play snowballs, go skiing, we offer Ski Dubai – the first indoor ski resort in the Middle East. Snow Resort will appeal to visitors to the Snow Park and five ski slopes.

In Ski Dubai real snow, the temperature is maintained at -1 ° C, -2 ° C. The ability to ski in the sunny UAE amazes even tourists from Russia. The ski complex is located in the Mall of the Emirates.

Dubai beaches

Dubai beaches
Dubai beaches

Dubai offers a wide selection of beaches to suit all tastes. They are divided into paid and free. The difference lies in the fact that there is more care for the territories of paid beaches: they are planted with greenery, there are places for picnics, children’s areas, and there are fewer vacationers than tourists on public beaches. The infrastructure of any paid beach is quite developed.

So, on Jumeirah Beach Park there are showers, toilets, picnic areas. You can rent a sun lounger or umbrella for a comfortable stay. The territory of the beach park is landscaped. Entrance price – 5 AED (40 rubles)

The best beach park can rightly be called Al Mamzar Beach Park . It is located on the border of Dubai and Sharjah. The green area of ​​the beach makes it possible to have a picnic, there are barbecue areas. The park area is equipped with modern playgrounds for children, comfortable benches.

You can visit the large amphitheater, pool. Al Mamzar offers vacationers a choice of 5 beaches with white sand: three of them overlook the open sea; two to the bay, where skyscrapers are visible on the other side. The entrance will cost you 5 dirhams. This place is a true paradise for a relaxing holiday. Only the birds singing will break the silence.

The project “Palms”

Palm Island
Palm Island

The most global construction can rightly be called the “Palm” project. These artificial islands of stone and sand were designed at the initiative of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al-Maktoum.

On the palm of Jumeirah, there are fashionable hotels, shopping centers, clubs, and luxury housing. At first glance, the impossible was erected. You can evaluate the scope of this project only with your own eyes from an airplane, being in this place.

If you want to plunge into the grace and wealth of a large metropolis, periodically changing the bustle of the city for a beach holiday – Dubai is at your service. Of course, he will long be remembered by you for his luxury and splendor. ”



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