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Gorakhgad Fort

Gorakhgad Fort

Gorakhgad Fort

Gorakhgad Fort

Gorakhgad Fort

Adventurous trek to Gorakhgad Fort in Mumbai

Located in the district of Thane, the Gorakhgad Fort stands at a distance of 24 km from Murbad. One of the uses of the fort was to guard the trade route in ancient time passing along Naneghat. The fort was mainly utilized by the monks and hermits for the purpose of meditation. The village of Dehari is located at the base of the fort. In fact, the fort is a perfect place for trekking and tourists find it interesting to climb the steep rocks of this mountainous region.

About Gorakhgad Fort

After entering through the main gate you can see an inscription in the language of Marathi. Water cisterns are also there cut out of rock where rain water is collected for drinking purpose all through the year. There is also a cave inside the fort supported by square pillars. On the top of the cave you can spot a temple which is dedicated to Lord Mahadeva. The view from the top is awesome and Siddhagad and Ahupe Ghat are visible from there. It was believed to have strategic importance during the period of Shahaji Raje. No such battle is said to be in its historical background. The fort is smaller in size but there is enough space for accommodation. The name of the Gorakhgad Fort is derived from the name of Saint Gorakhgad who was meditated in this fort. The fort stands at a height of 2150 feet on the mountain range of Bhimsankar.

You can view two cisterns after passing through the main gate. The path takes you ahead towards the small steps that go down into the large caves carved out of the main rock. There are two big frangipani trees which can be seen leaving upon the valley. Apart from these there are fourteen cisterns in total out of which only three provide potable water.


It takes maximum one day to trek from Mumbai to Gorakhgad Fort. Actually it is not regarded as any historical place but is a very interesting tourist destination due to the pinnacles suitable for rock climbing. The fort region is c0overed by dense forest in Machhindragad and Gorakhgad. The trekking route goes towards the temple of Vitthal- Rukmini. The backyard of the temple offers the trek route. You have to pass through lush green vegetation, wild flowers accompanied with waterfalls. It looks more beautiful during the monsoon season. The trekking journey remains incomplete without reaching atop the pinnacle. You can reach the top by going through the route towards the right. After walking some steps, head towards the left and climb to the top. Climbing through these steps needs utmost care as it is very tough.

Suggestion for trekking

You can start your journey from Thane and head towards Dadar. From there, go to Dehari, the village base of the fort. Start the trekking from Dehri and go up through the beautiful waterfalls and forest. Enjoy the beauty of the surrounding Ghats and hills. In the afternoon start heading towards the deep forest into the caves. Then return to the base village and back to home.

Informative details

There is accommodation available for 25 persons in the cave. Trekkers are advised to carry dry food or packed food as per their choice. It takes 2 hours to reach there from Dehri and also 2 hours from Khopivli. You can visit the fort at any time of the year but monsoon is said to be the best season as the beauty of the vegetation blooms in monsoon which is great treat for the eyes. But you need to be very careful while climbing the steps in rainy season as the path is steep and gets slippery. Wearing shoes with better grip is recommended.

The Gorakhgad Fort serves as a break or resting place while trekking to Junnar. The trekking experience through this route offers as the most wonderful one among all the trekking journeys in Western Ghats. Rock climbing is already a thrilling journey and this fort is the perfect one to provide such an opportunity with picturesque view all around. The group of three forts altogether makes Gorakhgad, the other two being Siddhagad and Machindragad. Siddhagad is regarded as the biggest one.

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