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How Aviasales Winner Travels to Ireland

How Aviasales Winner Travels to Ireland

How Aviasales Winner Travels to Ireland

We held a joint competition with Amediateka on the theme of the famous series Game of Thrones. As you know, the main prize is a trip for two to the places in the filming of the series. The winner was Elizabeth Camos, who, with her mother, went to Ireland. And here we pass the word to Lisa’s mother – Tatyana.

Let the kids watch TV shows! Let them buy London tickets on their own! Let them do both on the Internet and again on their own! And then one fine October day you will find yourself in the autumn of Dublin, playing with all shades of green and red. It was cool when my daughter Elizabeth, a 10th-grade student in an ordinary Moscow school, won a trip from Aviasales. Because I have seen enough of the series “Game of Thrones” and because I won a contest on this site. It was so cool that she did not believe herself. And I – especially! I immediately recalled the “parental responsibility” and made a couple of happy daughters. Thanks to Anastasia Olkhovskaya for the fact that she endured our whims of the hotel for a long time and as a result were very pleased.

It seems that we visited Dublin everywhere – from the flea market in the Arcades to the Royal Palace. For a long time, we walked for a long time. We drank countless coffee and smoothies, tasted ale and porter (in our opinion, the differences are minimal, but we are not experts – we just paid tribute to the main drink of the country). And we also made a wonderful trip to the cliffs of Moher.  Although the chicest was still tour “Game of Thrones.” We were dressed up there in medieval cloth cloaks and spent in various places of filming. We were dominated by the handsome Eric, who himself starred in the role of one of the Wild, in one of the pictures he is – with a beard and mane of luxurious hair. He doesn’t shave or cut for the same cinematic reason, because he went through the casting and is now starring in the TV series “Vikings”.  Even on the bus on the way to the Tellurme National Park, where the films were filmed, we again played a short contest: we had to answer questions about the characters and plots of the Game of Thrones in writing. Neither my knowledge of all these Starks and Tyrion’s nor even my English left even a simple hope for a shameful last place in this draw. But Elizabeth, the shy, clever, and treacherous daughter of mine, filled everything for two.   The reward for the winner, as it turned out, was … the initiation ceremony in the Kings of the North. Well, or the Queen. Won, of course … me! Therefore, on the ruins of an ancient abbey (12th century), they handed me a heavy sword (12 kg) and, standing on one knee, everyone should, as in the film, shout: “Be our Queen of the North!” To which I, too, carried some nonsense about “Oh, May Lovely People.” Liza later even envied me, and she still envies me because she calls me “the bus queen”. And I liked it. And every one, too.

A bit about Dublin

In Dublin, they cross the road when they want, and not at the sign of the traffic light. They eat a lot of delicious meat and drink an incredible amount of Guinness. Crowds of students at universities and singing drunken songs at night. The people there are friendly, and the seagulls allow themselves to be photographed almost in an embrace.  Go to Dublin, to Ireland – right, these will be wonderful days.

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