Museo La Chascona

Museo La Chascona

Museo La Chascona: Pablo Neruda’s House in Santiago

Museo La Chascona: La Chascona, currently known as La Chascona Museum, was one of 3 properties that belonged to the Chilean poet Pablo Neruda, one of the largest of his time and Nobel Prize for Literature in 1971. After the poet’s death, the place was transformed into a museum and it is one of the best known in Santiago, being considered one of the great attractions of the city.

How to get to the La Chascona Museum?

La Chascona Museum
La Chascona Museum

The La Chascona Museum is located in the Bellavista neighborhood and is easily accessible via public transport. You can use the Santiago metro to get to Baquedano station. Getting off at this station, you will need to arrive at Av. Constitución and follow the signs that give access to the place. The metro ride to the La Chascona Museum takes just under 10 minutes.

La Chascona Museum

The La Chascona Museum is dedicated exclusively to the Chilean poet Pablo Neruda and is the headquarters of the Pablo Neruda Foundation, which is responsible for maintaining the collection related to the poet, from books, manuscripts to personal objects. This Foundation also maintains the properties of Valparaíso (called La Sebastiana) and Isla Negra, the latter guarding the poet’s remains.

The closest translation to La Chascona is “unkempt” and this name was given by the poet in honor of the hair of his lover, Matilde Urrutia, with whom he met secretly at the place. In 1955, Matilde became the wife of Pablo Neruda and they lived in the house until the poet’s death in 1973. After his death, the house suffered several damages by the military dictatorship and Matilde was responsible for the restoration of the place.

The visit to the La Chascona Museum happens in a linear way and there is almost no information to be read. At the entrance you receive an audio guide (included in the ticket price) and you go through the rooms while listening to more of the meaning of each one. It is not allowed to photograph any internal area of ​​the La Chascona Museum, only the external area.

Pablo Neruda’s houses are a reflection of his poetry and are highly connected with the marine theme, and the decoration has several objects linked to the ocean and navigation. In addition to the sea, the various rooms show a little of the poet’s pleasures, such as the kitchen and dining room typical of a gastronomy lover. Passing through the rooms you also find personal objects and books that belonged to the poet.

The visit to the La Chascona Museum is a mandatory program for anyone visiting Santiago and is a great way to learn more about the history of the Chilean poet who was one of the great names in 20th-century literature.

More information

Opening Hours: Tuesday to Sundays from 10 am to 6 pm (between March and December) and from 10 am to 7 pm (January and February). The La Chascona Museum does not open on Monday.
Pablo Neruda Foundation Official Website:

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