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Paris Restaurant Guide

Paris Restaurant Guide

Paris Restaurant Guide

Paris Restaurant Guide

Paris Restaurant Guide

Paris Restaurant Guide

Paris Restaurant Guide

We decided to prepare this Paris restaurant guide for our visitors in order to provide them more information about the cuisine before they visit. We have separated this article into two sections. The first section will cover the foods while the second will cover restaurants.

Frog Leg - Paris Restaurant Guide

We would like to start with something very special to the city in this Paris restaurant guide. Of course, there are other countries which eat a frog leg, however, Paris is the best city to taste it.


Snail - Paris Restaurant Guide

One of the other foods that you can try during your visit is snails. There are street sellers as well however it will be good for you to taste them in a restaurant in case you will try them for the first time.

Duck Meat

Duck Meat - Paris Restaurant Guide

One of the most famous foods in France is the duck meat. In case you have never eaten this meat before, you can give it a try to this delicious food in any restaurant.

Now it is time for the restaurants in this section of our Paris restaurant guide.

Paris Picnic

Paris Picnic - Paris Restaurant Guide

If you are looking for a casual dinner with your friends then you can pay a visit to this venue. You will feel no regret after you will taste the local foods cooked by the expert chefs.

Le Cinq

Le Cinq restaurant

This restaurant,  located in a hotel however it welcomes all customers. In case you want to taste Paris cuisine with the top quality foods, then you can have a meal at this great restaurant.

Pur’ – Jean-François Rouquette

Pur’ – Jean-François Rouquette

This restaurant is one of the worldly famous restaurants in the city. They only cook traditional foods. If you want to give a try to more than one food at a time, then this is the ideal place for you.

We wish you a great trip!


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