Pemayangtse Monastery Sikkim

Pemayangtse Monastery Sikkim

Situated at a distance of 2085 meters above sea level, just a few miles from Sikkim’s capital Gangtok, Pemayangatse Monestry was founded in 1705 by the Chogyal king Latsum Champo and is one of the most famous monasteries of the 17th century. Pemayangatse Monastery is surrounded by beautiful natural scenery with jungles and the tranquil environment of the Himalayas where the sky is clear and pure air is experienced. The monks residing in the monastery are known as Ta Tsang which means monks of pure Tibetan descent.

It follows the Nigamma tradition and holds the top authority over the Pemayangtse Monestry. This monastery is 3 story, each floor has something different to see, like the first floor, tourists can see a remarkable collection of ancient Buddhist sculptures, Buddhist scriptures on the second floor, and some sculptures, and on the third floor a beautiful collection of beautiful paintings of Buddhist architecture.

Traditional Tibetan design is seen on the doors and windows of the monastery, the Pemayangatse Monestry hosts a festival called Chaim between February and March every year, which is considered to mark the end of the Tibetan New Year. More than 100 monks reside in Pemayangatse Monestry with a red cap worn on their heads, so tourists must visit the Pemayangatse Monestry, which is known as the father of all the monasteries of Sikkim.

Best time to visit

Tourists can visit the Pemayangtse Monestry throughout the year, both in summer and winter, although tourists can see colorful flowers and greenery all around here during the summer from March to June and can also enjoy activities such as trekking and in winter. From November to February, one can play snowfall and winter sports here and make your trip exciting. Due to the mountainous region, do not plan to go here during the rainy season.

Places to see around Pemayangtse Monestry

Rabdentse ruins

Rabdentse Ruins is a great place to see near Pemayangtse Monestry. From here, there are spectacular views of the Kanchenjunga ranges which mesmerize everyone. In place of Rabdentse Ruins was the palace previously established by Chogyal II which was destroyed in the 18th-century Nepalese invasion and is currently in ruins. The main attraction of these ruins is the three stones standing in it, where the king or judge used to give his verdict, tourists must visit here.

Things to do in Pemayangtse Monastery

View natural scenery

Around the Pemayangtse Monastery, the Kanchenjunga Range is spread, with beautiful views that tourists can see, which mesmerizes the eyes, apart from this the surrounding environment is also very quiet, where one must spend some relaxing moments away from the congestion of the city, which makes the mind quite relaxed And stress is reduced. Tourists must spend some moments in the natural landscape of Pemayangtse Monastery.

Do photography

With scenic views of the natural and historical buildings, you must do photography to bring some memories. Apart from this, some shorts videos are also made here and Pemyangtse Monestry is the best place for vlogging which other tourists can also tell.

How to reach Pemyangtse Monastery

The nearest town to Pemayangtse Monestry is Pelling, which is just a few kilometers away from here, tourists can first come to Pelling and visit the monastery.

By Air: – Bagdogra is the nearest airport, 140 km from Pelling, tourists can easily go to Pelling by bus or taxi from here.

Railroad: – Nearest to Jalaning is the New Jalpaiguri railway station. To go beyond this, tourists can take taxis or cabs.

By Road: – Pelling is well connected to other cities of Sikkim by road. There are jeeps and buses available from Siliguri and Gangtok to Pelling, through which tourists can travel.


The Pemayangtse Monestry offers a unique blend of Tibetan traditional style and Buddhist architecture, in addition to the natural beauty of the surrounding. Tourists must visit Pemayangtse Monestry to see all this.

Pemyangtse Monastry Distance from the Cities of Sikkim

  • Distance from Gangtok to Pemyangtse Monastery – 127 km
  • Pelling to Pemayangtse Monastery – 9 km
  • From Lachen to Pemayangtse Monastery – 172 km
  • From Namchi to Pemayangtse Monastery – 66 km
  • Siliguri to Pemayangatse Monastery – 128 km
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