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Reasons Why You Should Visit Croatia

Reasons Why You Should Visit Croatia

Reasons Why You Should Visit Croatia

Reasons Why You Should Visit Croatia

Reasons Why You Should Visit Croatia

Reasons Why You Should Visit Croatia

5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Croatia

In the past few years, Croatia became a really touristic country, More and more people are deciding to spend their holidays here and to have an amazing time in this wonderful country. Croatia has so many things to offer and it can be the ideal destination for different types of people, with different preferences. This country can offer from impressive landscapes and ancient buildings to an extravagant nightlife. According to a lot of tourists, Croatia is a country in which you cannot get bored and you’ll always find something interesting to do. Bellow, we will present to you the 5 main features that make from Croatia a unique place.

1) Nature

Croatia is above all, a natural paradise. This country has a wide diversity of landscapes, mountains, and forests. Its most iconic natural place is the Plitvice Lakes Park, which is an impressive “collection” of lakes, waterfalls, rivers, caves, and virgin forests. The park is a UNESCO Heritage site, and it gathers thousands of visitors every year. Another impressive natural treasure consists of the Kornati Islands, an archipelago containing 147 islands.

2) History

We cannot speak about Croatia without mentioning its impressive historic sites. It’s like the ancient buildings are telling a story to everyone that visits them. The country is filled with impressive sites, from different times of history. In Croatia’s old towns, we can still observe the Roman ruins or the medieval constructions. An astonishing building is the Diocletian’s Palace from Split, an architectural and historical wonder.

3) Culture

Croatia Culture
Croatia Culture

The Croatian culture is a very diversified one, and you can experience it by trying their tasteful cuisine or by attending their impressive festivals. Especially in the coastal regions, you will find some unique sea-food, cooked in a special and tasteful way. Wine is also a part of Croatian culture, and Dalmatia is known for its incredible wine-producing tradition. The festivals are also part of the Croatian heritage. There are many traditional celebrations, like the Dubrovnik Summer Festival but even some newly implemented ones. The Hideout Festival or the Sonus Festival, are some of the most successful festivals in Europe, gathering the best DJ-s in the world.

4) Sailing

If you want to truly enjoy Croatia, then you should visit it by boat. The coastal region of the Adriatic Sea is amazing, and you will have the opportunity of sailing on some crystal clear waters, with a soft wind blowing in your face. Also, you will have the unique opportunity of exploring its unique islands. If you don’t own a boat, you can rent one from a local chart company. There are cheap, and you have a lot of models to choose from.

5) Climate

If you’re still finding “excuses” not to come to Croatia, you should know that its climate is the Mediterranean. The winters are gentle and the springs and summers are dry and long. It never gets too hot in the summer, and on average the temperature is around 30 degrees Celsius. The sun is up for more than 2,600 hours per year, making from Croatia one of the sunniest countries in the Mediterranean.

If you want to live a unique experience and to have an amazing vacation, you should pack your bags and come to Croatia. You will never get bored here and the only risk is that you’ll never want to leave this place, once you will settle in.


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