Walt Disney World Rides

10 Walt Disney World Rides

Catchy music, 3D animation, heart-stopping drops, or a favorite character can be the reason why a person loves one ride over another at Disney World in Florida. However, at the end of the day, certain rides seem to have more people spinning the turnstiles than any of the others. What magic those rides have over any of the others is questionable in some people’s eyes, but that doesn’t change the fact that they are the favorites at Disney World.

Here are the top 10 Disney World rides:

1. Pirates of the Caribbean

The Pirates of the Caribbean is located in Adventureland in the Magic Kingdom and everyone can go on this ride, even two-month-old babies. Everyone boards a boat to go on a ride through the dark as pirates fire cannons and try to find their booty. The storytelling is amazing, but the special effects and music make everything seem lifelike. At the end, a huge fire threatens to detonate the powder kegs, but everyone is saved in time to go shopping in the massive Disney gift shop filled with pirate treasure.

2. It’s a Small World

Most people do not like to admit that they love this ride at Disney World, but that doesn’t mean that they will not get on it the first chance that they get. After all, the line to this ride is always long for a reason! People clamor to get inside the boat that will take them for a ride along a river as they pass by dolls from different countries as the dolls sing the song that everyone will then have in their head for the remainder of the day (or their life).

3. Toy Story Mania!

Toy Story Mania - Walt Disney World Rides

Toy Story Mania! can be found at Hollywood Studios and people love this interactive game that allows them to try to beat their family and friends. Everyone glides through Toy Story themed rooms that are filled with midway games and they shoot at the bulls-eyes, trying to score more points than the rest of their group.

4. Splash Mountain

Splash Mountain - Walt Disney World Rides

Splash Mountain can be found within Frontierland in Magic Kingdom across from the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. Guests climb aboard a log and then float down a river until everything goes dark and the thrills and adventures begin. All of a sudden, the log descends down a fifty-foot drop at speeds up to forty miles per hour through a tunnel until everyone reaches the outdoors and calmness prevails once again.

5. Space Mountain

Space Mountain

Once a person has conquered Splash Mountain, they will have to head over to tackle Space Mountain in the same park. This roller coaster will have everyone screaming at the top of their lungs during the ride, but quickly queueing back up in line for more. Everyone rides single file as they twist, turn, and drop at fast speeds in the dark.

6. Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

Twilight Zone Tower of Terror - Walt Disney World Rides

Guests will scream in delight as they are whisked up and down the elevator shaft in this hotel horror ride. While the lurching and directional changes might be enough for some people, others will delight in the sights and sounds of those from another dimension, or more accurately, those who stayed in the hotel in 1939. These spooky specters will dematerialize in front of people’s eyes and before everyone realizes what is happening, they will be plummeting to the ground as the cables snap from above.

7. Star Tours

Star Tours

Star Tours at Hollywood Studios is quite thrilling, because every guest never knows which planets they will be visiting during their ride. Everyone will grab a pair of 3D glasses before boarding their interstellar vehicle to be transported to outer space to battle evil and win. The entire ride is intense and filled with encounters with numerous Star Wars characters, and the goal is to return back home safely.

8. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad - Walt Disney World Rides

This roller coaster will take families to the Wild West as they explore the mountains, the days of mining, and possibly even find some gold along the way. The journey begins on a rickety track before going far down into canyons and caves and eventually ending up in a ghost town. There isn’t much in the old town of Tumbleweed, but the roller coaster speeds by quickly anyway as it has its sights set on the flowing waterfall and the runaway boulder before it arrives back at the station.

9. Soarin’

Soarin’ - Walt Disney World Rides

Epcot has found the perfect way to share the world with its guests with the ride Soarin’. This ride uses a 180-degree, 80-foot IMAX projection dome along with aerially captured footage to simulate the motion of a hang glider. That is then used as people are raised forty feet in the air and taken from one destination to the next with the simulated projections. Guests are transported from the Great Wall of China to the Iguaza Falls in South America to the magnificent Sydney Harbour and more.

10. Expedition Everest

Expedition Everest

Expedition Everest can be found at Disney’s Animal Kingdom and only the bravest people will be found on this ride. After all, it combines a roller coaster going in different directions with a life-sized Yeti and the dark all in one. Not too many people are brave enough to conquer all that at once! This ride is awesome though, so everyone MUST go on it! The journey begins on a roller coaster as it climbs the beautiful hills of a mountain. Once it gets to the top of a steep incline, it will go through a tunnel to reach the summit before racing inside the mountain.

That is where things get interesting, because the tracks are broken and twisted. Therefore, the coaster needs to back out down the mountain, but before it can do so safely, the Yeti arrives to show his displeasure of people being there. The roller coaster picks up speed to get away and everyone can only hope that they can get away from the Yeti in time before he can capture them. Only time will tell if everyone makes it back to the bottom of the mountain in one piece.

It is so difficult to choose the top ten rides in Disney, because they are all wonderful. In fact, people could spend days going on them all and still not be able to narrow it down themselves. Yes, everyone seems to have their favorite one or two. However, not everyone can tell you their top ten. It just isn’t that easy or possible or really necessary. All anyone needs to know is that Disney is full of fun and exciting rides that they will love to go on!

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