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5 Common Travel Planning Mistakes

5 Common Travel Planning Mistakes

5 Common Travel Planning Mistakes

5 Common Travel Planning Mistakes

5 Common Travel Planning Mistakes

5 Common Travel Planning Mistakes – Avoid these and Enjoy Yourself

Going on a vacation is a good idea indeed. However, a proper vacation requires you to indulge in quite a bit of travel planning effectively. There are quite a few people who’ve actually suffered unnecessarily simply because they made certain mistakes while vacation planning. Be it about timing your ticket purchases to waffle over innumerable hotel options, you’ve got to be meticulous through it all.

Certain travel planning mistakes you should avoid

Basically, when your travel planning and you happen to make a mistake, then it’s bound to cost you a lot of hard-earned money if not anything else. Now, this is something you’d surely like to avoid at any cost. Well, there’s nothing much to worry about if you take care to avoid the following mistakes-

1. Ignoring the extra fees:

Ignoring the extra fees - 5 Common Travel Planning Mistakes
Ignoring the extra fees

Remember, there are mostly hidden travel fees involved. These generally come for stuff like baggage, parking, resorts, so on and so forth. The idea is to make sure that you’re not really sticking your head in the sand when it comes to these phony deals.

2. Having a brand fetish of sorts:

If you’re one of those who have got a brand fetish or you happen to be extra loyal of sorts to any particular company, then you might lose out on the chance to actually save money. You see, the idea is to shop around as much as possible for the best deals and offers. Go ahead and read reviews, take a look at the kind of amenities on offer and only then make a decision.

3. Funding unaffordable travel with credit cards:

Credit Cards
Credit Cards

This is another common mistake that’s made by quite a few. If you can’t pay for your vacation in cash, then don’t make the mistake of putting it on your credit card. You might consider this as a good excuse to rack up high points, or perhaps even get extra insurance and then enjoy your annual excursion. However, this in itself isn’t a very wise decision after all. This is because unless you’re absolutely certain that you can actually pay back the amount and that too within a month or two of booking, you shouldn’t really venture into this.

4. Paying way too much insurance:

Paying way too much insurance - 5 Common Travel Planning Mistakes
Paying way too much insurance

Yes, it does make sense for you to have travel insurance in place. This is all the more true if there’s a pricey vacation involved. However, before you choose certain types of coverage, do make sure that you’re not piling up insurance one on top of the other.

5. Too late or too early booking – Common Travel Planning Mistakes:

Too late or too early booking
Too late or too early booking

You might want to fly business class or stay in a luxurious suite, but the fact remains that you can’t really do it right if you jump at it too early or go for it way too late. This is because there can be a huge difference in the offers available and you surely would like to end up with a good enough one right.

Planning a vacation should be fun through and through. So make sure you don’t make the above mistakes and mess up things unnecessarily.


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