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Angel Falls and Mount Roraima in Venezuela

Angel Falls and Mount Roraima in Venezuela

Angel Falls and Mount Roraima in Venezuela

Angel Falls and Mount Roraima in Venezuela

Angel Falls and Mount Roraima in Venezuela

Angel Falls and Mount Roraima in Venezuela

Exploring the Angel Falls and Mount Roraima in Venezuela

South-American country of Venezuela offers some amazing opportunities for nature lovers along with adventure seekers. Vast of its area is shrouded under mystery.

South-America holds abundant opportunities for adventure sports. Amidst these Venezuela is a country shrouded in mystery. There are very few countries on earth that can offer you such a huge variety of bio-diversity along with cultural variety. Be ready to flood yourself with sounds and sights of virgin stretches of nature, sights from Angel Falls, vast savannah grasslands, and lush green rainforests.

If you are interested in trekking, hiking, wildlife photography, kayaking, scuba diving, bird watching, or meeting natives of Venezuela. Here I shall concentrate upon two adventure trips in Venezuela that are as follows:

Adventure trip to the Angel Falls

trip to the Angel Falls

We all know some of the most well-known waterfalls in the world like that of Niagara Falls in Northern America. If you have visited the South-America then you have visited the Iguassu falls too. This mysterious continent is also home to the world’s highest waterfalls and that is the Angel Falls situated in Venezuela. Remember the movie by Disney called Up! Angel Falls is said to be the inspiration behind it.

The extent of water in the Angel Falls is nothing in comparison to Niagara Falls but the sheer height from which it descends is just amazing. One of the most popular destinations in Venezuela is the Angel Falls and it is enlisted under UNESCO world heritage site. Its height was measured by the first-time explorers that took them nine and half days to reach the top via slippery cliffs.

The name of this Falls has a history. It is a bit controversial. The name itself sounds so pious but in fact, it was named after the first-time aviator over it, Jimmie Angel. He flew his airplane over these majestic Falls in the year 1933. In the year 2009, the President declared that he would rename the Falls as the land was historically meant for the indigenous people of Venezuela and so should not be named after an American aviator.

Most amazing fact about Angel Falls is that this is located at an isolated place where one can reach by trekking and canoeing. Lush, impregnable jungles accost the Angel Falls. This trek route is generally included in the trekking trip to the summit of Roraima Table Mountain. The whole trip consists of a flight to the National Park of Canaima. You need to take a boat trip and then a hike up to the Falls. While you take a boat ride make sure to keep all your belongings in safekeeping as many times the huge rush of waters tends to submerge cameras, mobiles, and food baskets of tourists. These efforts are nothing in front of the gift that you receive while you reach the top of the highest waterfalls.

I must tell you that this offbeat adventure trip will be certainly at top of your most favorite ones, once you visit this place. It is wild and wet. Most interesting thing is that this part of the world is waiting for some inquisitive heart to be discovered. You will feel as if you had reached into ‘The Lost World’ of Conan Doyle.

Trekking to Mount Roraima

Trekking to Mount Roraima

It takes about three days to reach the top of Mt.Roraima. Many trekkers visit this place as they become curious to explore the ‘heart of darkness’ of Sir. Conan Doyle’s ‘The Lost World’. This literary masterpiece was based upon this remotest part of the world. Roraima comes within the geographical division of ‘tepuis’ or ‘large table-top mountains’. These are located in the South-Eastern portion of Venezuela. They are ancient in age. Certain mysticism is associated with this place that attracts more explorers and trekkers. As far as the year 1884, Mt. Roraima was completely detached from outside influence and its ecosystem was absolutely pristine. Millions of years’ evolution were contained within a small and closed-up geographical arena. But avid trekkers would love to know that the whole track is quite secluded as very few international tourists visit Venezuela. Most trekkers belong to neighboring countries.

The natural beauty of this place is spectacular along with the warmth of local rural people. Most will be astonished to be greeted with such frank and honest hospitality. One of the most precious gems on earth is the National Park of Canaima. I am grateful that the whole park holds the virgin beauty of flora and fauna. Canaima is the home of Angel as well as many other amazing waterfalls. Many spectacular river systems flow through it and there are many options for canoeing excursions.

The span of the summit of Mount Roraima is a 31 km flat area having rich history and geology. This part of the earth hosts endemic ranges of flora and fauna. They have more similarities with 250 million years old flora and fauna of the continent of Africa than other parts of South America. Interestingly this part was once constituted within the ancient landscape of Gondwana massive. After its separation in the period of 250-300 million years, the Canaima started to erode and gave rise to some unique geographical features. As a result, the living organisms that were staying over Mt. Roraima were completely separated from the rest of the landscape. Still, in the 1960s the place was draped under clouds, waiting to be explored by wander lovers.



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