Best Hotels in Hyderabad

Best Hotels in Hyderabad

Best Hotels in Hyderabad Makes your Holiday Memorable

Hyderabad hotels provide a rich experience and since the city is a popular vacation destination, they cater to many individuals from various societies. There are several luxury hotels and resorts, boutique resorts, heritage resorts as well as budget hotels in Hyderabad. Many of the luxury resorts provide excellent Hyderabad Cuisine and of course not to forget Hyderabad Biryani. Here in this article, you will find great information about Best Hotels in Hyderabad.

These hotels and resorts provide substantial hospitality and render great guests services. These resorts are run by famous facilities and a lot of them might be termed as business resorts.

Most of the 5-star hotels in Hyderabad are located in the main region of Hyderabad, enabling any tourist to effortlessly access railway stations, bus depots, and airport terminals in Hyderabad. These resorts offer fully decorated areas in addition to large vehicle parks.

The spa, pool area, dining places, club, as well as living room, comes under extra services provided by the hotels. Hotel Novotel, Golkonda Resorts, Hotel Viceroy, Marriott Hotel, and Taj Deccan are among the hotels in Hyderabad that has five-star status. Keep reading to explore more about Best Hotels in Hyderabad.

The budget resorts or hotels in Hyderabad are a great option for travelers having low budgets. They give you great lodging, together with drinking and eating services. You might select conventional or modern accommodations with simple, yet comforting services such as bigger beds, rainforest baths, captivating living room areas, and so on. Resort Harsha, Resort Rajdhani, and Guest Inn Suites are a couple of budget hotels.

Below is the list of Best Hotels in Hyderabad

Hotel Novotel Best Hotels in Hyderabad

The Novotel is a wonderful option for corporate travelers because it is situated in the city’s IT region. With a selection of facilities as well as a serene environment, the resort is an ideal accommodation for businesses with pleasure. You will find 288 rooms and a variety of dining options. Visitors may also select 24 / 7 room servicing, kids care facility, Jacuzzi, Vehicle leasing, and much more.

Hotel Luxor Inn

Another good option is family hotels in Hyderabad best for family members. The best one is Hotel Luxor Inn. It has stylishly furnished rooms containing all the essential facilities for high-class accommodation. Each and every room possesses a properly-prepared kitchenette, which makes this resort a preferred choice for people coming with family for a vacation in Hyderabad. The tariff is in the range of Rs. 2000 – 2500 including complimentary breakfast.

The Westin Hyderabad Mindspace

This is the best-rated luxurious hotel in Hyderabad. This resort is proper for both businesses along with recreational travelers as it is based in the heart of the city. It offers levels of refinement, well-being and productivity, with the city’s skyline as the background that makes it distinctive from all others. All in all, this is a real High-Tech Haven.  

The Corporate Inn Hotel

Marriott Hotel in Hyderabad may be classified as the best business resort. Being a Five Star hotel, it is known for excellent facilities as well as the conference places are probably the best. Because Hyderabad is also a business center, this resort offers the best solutions in the marketplace. Besides conference places and a conference centre the resort offers outstanding telecom facilities as well as Wi-Fi for its visitors. This business resort is capable of hosting international conventions.

Hotel Taj Krishna

The hotel is located at Hyderabad’s posh Banjara Hillsides. This is probably the leading place within the city and provides Taj Krishna with a fantastic locational benefit. The resort has great structure and imposing pillars are unquestionably the biggest attractions. The resort has 260 luxurious rooms. These include the Superior Room, Luxurious Room, Taj Club Space, and also the plush Package. The Taj facilities include a Business center, the club, Jacuzzi, spa, a swimming pool, a football court, and free room service

Hotel Savera Residency

Among the finest choices for family members is the Resort Savera Residency. It really is the best budget resort, which provides you with all modern facilities at inexpensive tariffs. It is located within the mall of Hyderabad, 3km from the airport, 8 km from the bus station, and 6 km from the railway station. Furthermore, the resort even incorporates a restaurant that assists South Indian and Continental meals. The room charges of this hotel are in the range of Rs.2000-2600.

Golconda Resort

Another best choice among Hyderabad’s 5-star hotels will be the Golconda Resort and Spa. This resort delivers a perfect retreat for relaxing and having an amazing vacation experience with your loved ones. It has contemporary luxuries properly set up which guarantees luxury at its very best.  

Summary – Best Hotels in Hyderabad

The majority of budget resorts in Hyderabad offer basic facilities at a surprisingly low price. Staying at these Hotels is great for those travelers that are having a low spending budget. While in Hyderabad, you are able to book your stay in Harsha, Ashoka, Tajmahal, Saiprakash, and Hotel Megacity, as these represent the most popular expensive, and luxurious hotels that Hyderabad provides.  

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