Montana National Parks top destinations

The forest department is taken good care by the government of Montana due to which he state has been able to manage such a huge treasure of flora and fauna.

Montana National Parks top destinations Montana, a state in the north western part of United States is famous for its fast growing tourism sector.  The city also known as the treasure state is featured by huge mountain ranges in the west and terrains in the east. Millions of tourists are seen in the state to […]

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Haryana Tourism- best places to visit

The state celebrates festivals of art and culture and offers exquisite archaeology and panoramic landscapes to the visitors.

Haryana Tourism- best places to visit Haryana Tourism: Haryana is a place in the northern India that has been divided from Punjab to create a different state.  It is in the foothills of Aravalli and is famous for retaining many past historical cultures of the country. Devotees from all over India and travellers come here […]

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Telangana tourism-top places to visit

A few places of Telanganan tourism has been given below:

Telangana tourism-top places to visit A separate state of Telangana was established in the year 2013, and it was brought into effect on June 2014. In ancient times the region of Telangana was known to be ruled by great rulers like Kakathiyas and Mughals. The architecture of that time was the most impressive one in […]

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Places to visit in Powai the north-eastern charm of Mumbai

The places of interests in Powai are the famous Powai Lake, Kidzania Mumbai,

Places to visit in Powai, the north-eastern charm of Mumbai Powai is a place in the north east part of the city Mumbai. It is situated at the bank of Powai Lake. The modern village is surrounded by hills on three sides and on the fourth side beyond the lake is the Sanjay Gandhi National […]

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Phugtal monastery

The designs and decorations of the monastery match with the oldest monasteries in India, Tabo monastery and Alchi Monastery.

Phugtal monastery- an offbeat destination in North India Phugtal monastery is a heritage destination for the peace lovers and those who want to take break from their daily life. It is a massive monastery cave which is held high on the steep mountains of Zanskar Valley. It was primarily built with woods and mud till […]

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Satara tourist places

Apart from this, the forts, ancient temples, lakes, hill stations and bird sanctuaries are the places of attraction in the district.

Satara tourist places of interests Satara is a district as well as a city in Maharashtra which is well known for cultural tourist destination. There are various factors that determine its uniqueness from other cities in the state. Satara as the name suggests means the city of seven hills. It is surrounded by seven mountains […]

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Kanha National Park

Grasslands, central maidens and steep rocky escarpments altogether offer a breathtaking atmosphere in the valley.

Kanha National Park- Tour details Introduction One of the thrilling wildlife sanctuaries in India is Kanha national park which is situated in the Balaghat district of Madhya Pradesh. The place is at a distance of 165 kilometres from Jabalpur. There are two gateways to reach here, the one is Kisli and the other is Mukki. It […]

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Dartmoor National Park

Wetlands and rock formation called “tors” are quite common here accompanied by forests and rivers.

Dartmoor National Park Recently discovered in the 19th century Dartmoor National Park occupies essence of history and archaeology. The place is unique and much different from all other national parks. Located in southwest England this vast moorland is in the country of Devon. This area has covered 400 square miles of UK and specialises in […]

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