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Delicious food found in Maldives

Delicious food found in Maldives

Delicious food found in Maldives

Delicious food found in Maldives

Delicious food found in Maldives

Delicious food found in Maldives

Top 5 Delicious food found in Maldives

Maldives is a popular South Asian tourist destination with extremely sumptuous island cuisines worth relishing upon. Starting with the very famous Bis Keemiya which is a delicious evening snack to munch upon.

Made with delicious marine fishes like tuna and salmon mixed with crunchy cabbage and deep-fried in thick batter, this intricate delicacy is a must-have. Don’t forget to try Boshi Mashuni which is a very healthy as well light starter made with fresh banana flowers and leafy vegetables.

You can have it for breakfast or dinner alongside platters. Garudhiya, which is a very healthy fish soup, has a very authentic taste and a savory broth. Other delicious dishes are Saagu Bondibai and Huni Roshi, best highlighting Maldives’ varied range of delicacies.

  1. Bis Keemiya (samosa)

Bis Keemiya - Delicious food found in Maldives

Amongst plethora of absolutely heavenly dishes and sumptuous delicacies, Bis Keemiya is an opulent Maldives food, which very much resembles the Indian snack samosa. You can find Bis Keemiya in all the best resorts in the Maldives. This elegant Maldivian intricacy is made from exotic fishes like tuna and salmon, loaded with delicious veggies like bell peppers and onions, which are deep-fried in a thick batter to give off a crunchy bite.

Bis Keemiyaa is a popular snack item that is consumed along with various homemade sauces and coleslaw, best highlighting its ravishing taste. If you are visiting the Maldives, make sure to look for perfect Maldives packages and munch on these delicious snack items, and experience the Island nation’s relaxing ambiance.

  1. Boshi mashuni (banana flower salad)

Boshi mashuni - Delicious food found in Maldives

Another one of the most delicious delicacies of Maldives, this specialty is a popular snack item made during festivities. The banana flower salad is a mixture of salsa and salad consisting of shredded lettuce, cabbage, and kale, and the main ingredient being the banana flower makes it a very healthy and savory side dish. In some cases, chillies are also added to give off a savory and spicy twist. Munch on these intriguing salad intricacies which is a very unique side dish served in several towns across this island nation. This dish can be consumed in breakfast, lunch, or dinner alongside a relaxing drink.

  1. Garudhiya (fragrant fish soup)

Best highlighting this Island nation’s supreme staple diet, fishes, the Garudhiya is a perfect blend of healthy marine fishes like tuna and little tunny cooked in surplus broth. Garudhiya’s broth is made up of fresh chillies, curry leaves, and onions cooked with salt after which traditionally cut fishes are added into it.

Other famous fish types used in this exquisite fragrant soup are Wahoo and Mahi-Mahi which give it a very unique flavor. Garuda can be consumed alongside steamed rice and Maldivian Chapati as well. In some regions of South Asia, people also add lemon and coconut to relish Upon the savory and piquant taste of the marine fishes.

  1. Huni roshi (chapati bread)

Huni roshi - Delicious food in Maldives

Resembling the popular Indian staple diet, roti, this Maldivian food Huni Roshi is a very unique and healthy delicacy. It can be made up of any type of flour like gram, wheat, or rice. The floor is sifted into a bowl after which it is made into fluffy dough with the help of water and oil.

The dough is then flattened into irregular circles and cooked on flat pans till it turns light brown. This chapati bread can be consumed along with any savory curry to best relish upon its taste. In some regions of Maldives, people also add coconut and make the chapattis thicker or thinner depending upon the side dish.

  1. Saagu Bondibai (sago pudding)

sago pudding - Delicious food in Maldives

Saagu Bondibai is an extremely popular Maldivian cuisine that is made up of Sago, a very healthy starch obtained from the stems of Palm trees. Saagu Bondibai is a quick prep that requires the seeds to be soaked in water overnight.

After the seeds are transparent it is cooked in sweetened milk, Pandan leaves and milk to give it a thick porridge-like consistency. For extravagance, some people also like cardamom and rose water to give it a more authentic touch. Relish upon Maldive’s most sumptuous staple diets and learn why this dish is so popular.



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