Escorted tour

Escorted tour

Escorted tours are those where an agency escorts travellers in a group to many destinations that fall under their so-called package. Escorted tours are also known as Package Tours or Guided tours. Here, in an escorted tour all services from the starting of the journeys to its end, a tour director conducts the all. In an escorted tour, the packages normally include the flights, transportation, hotels, connections between airport to hotel and vice versa, essential meals and most of the sightseeing. Escorted tours are always on a move and so not more than three nights are spent in any location visited. They are mostly quick for they cover a lot of distance and that too in a limited time. The prices for the packages include the most parts.

Here are 3 of the better escort tours one must take from around the globe:

Masai Mara Walk The Maasai phrase ‘Enkare Nyrobi’ or ‘place of cool waters’ has been changed to today’s’ Nairobi. Day 1 is ready to welcome you with comfortable hotel suites, nice bars and restaurants and good stuff of Africa to buy. Masai region of Africa is richly filled with wild beasts on the roam. Getting a sight of them is pretty easy and common. Day 2 has the main attraction. If you are visiting Masai Mara during the annual migration, the pride of lions, herds of elephants, a stealthy cheetah for its prey are some of the glimpses that can soothe your eyes. the spread of a diverse range of wildlife is the best Masai Mara can offer. The third day is returning to Nairobi from Masai Mara. Number of days to stay: 3

The Taj Mahal Tour One of the seven wonders of the world is situated in India in the city of Agra in Uttar Pradesh- the Taj Mahal built by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan for the tomb of his most loved queen Mumtaz. You will head towards The Taj Mahal in Agra from Delhi. In Delhi, you will get to stay for a day. On such situation try visiting the Jama Masjid and taste some delicious Afghan dishes near it. It is approximately a 2-hour journey on road from Delhi to Agra. Experience the marvellous craft of the Taj Mahal. Also, check out the Agra Fort on the on the other bank of the Yamuna River. It was built by Akbar in 1565. Number of days to stay: 3

The tour of Egypt The best covered in an escorted tour in Egypt. With much to explore in this ancient land for this place has been habituated by advanced civilisation thousands of years ago. They have left a deep impact on society, thoughts and beliefs of many people around the globe. An escorted tour through Egypt lets you discover the history of the place without getting confused for the information is huge. A cruise through the Nile is essential to feel the vastness of human civilisation. Along with Cairo visit Alexandria, Aswan and Luxor. Number of days to stay: 10

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