Exploring The Beautiful City Of Cuzco

The historic city of Cuzco is one of the most popular cities among visitors to Peru and is the natural preparation point for those who are hoping to explore the nearby hills and visit the world-famous site at Machu Picchu.  However, the city is much more than just a staging point for explorations into the hills and is an important economic hub that is immersed in the history of the Incan people which can still be seen around the city today. If you are planning to come to the popular city of Cuzco, it’s important to book hotels in advance.

The Plaza De Armas

The Plaza De Armas
The Plaza De Armas

The Plaza De Armas is the main square at the heart of the city, and the open gardens at the center of the square are overlooked by two of the most impressive Christian buildings in the country.  The Convent of Santo Domingo is one of the most is a building in the Renaissance style that was built on the Qurikancha, an old Incan temple dedicated to the Sun God, Inti.  The Church of the Society of Jesus is the other important building on the square, where building began in the sixteenth century and is a stunning colonial baroque building.

The Ruins At Sacsay huaman

The Ruins At Sacsay huaman
The Ruins At Sacsay huaman

Sacsayhuaman is another of the main attractions in Cuzco, being the ruins of an ancient Incan city on the hill overlooking the city which was sacked by the Spanish invaders in the mid-sixteenth century.  Even today, the superb craft in the dressed stone walls is impressive to see, and the annual festival of IntiRaymi on 24 June is a stunning spectacle for visitors to the city.

See The Modern Art Museums


As well as being an important historic settlement in Peru, Cuzco is also home to a thriving art industry and has several modern art galleries displaying work by some of the best contemporary artists in the country. The Museo de Arte Popular and the Fractal Dragon gallery are both at the heart of this booming industry in Peru.

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