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Famous Places In London

Famous Places In London

Famous Places In London: What Are The Main Attractions Of London?

Famous Places In London: London has lived as a great city for almost 2000 years. The origin of its name is unclear; Some suggest that it derives from the Celtic meaning “Lyn”: DYN-crossing the river, but it is the Romans who invest their time to give Londinium kick first as a big metropolitan city. While now London is the trade and trade Center that is in the estuary and the Thames. Currently, tourists have many fantastic destinations to enjoy, this article will illustrate the most visited.

Royalty has left its trail in London. The Queen’s Palace, Buckingham Palace has been a royal residence since Queen Victoria bought it from Lord Buckingham. This is where you can see the change in custody.

Trafalgar Square, Nelson’s column contains a monumental homage to the Grand Admiral who destroys Napoleon’s armies and founded the United Kingdom as a great naval power in the world. You can visit the National Gallery and the National Gallery of portraits in the square.

Chambers of Parliament is the place where the government runs its business. These include the iconic clock tower, commonly known as Big Ben, but strictly the name of the famous bell-bells for hours throughout the city.

Westminster Abbey, right in front of the Houses of Parliament, contains the remains of the great and the good of the centuries-the king, the Queen, the writers, the poets and the politicians have found one last resting place here.

The Cathedral of St. Paul, designed by the great architect Sir Christopher Wren, was the place of the marriage of Charles and Diana lasted. It is the largest and most important of the cathedrals of the city. You can come in and look down at the Big Dome. An image that appeared on the icon standing the arrogant and did not tremble in the middle of the London Blitz.

The Tower of London was originally built by William the Conqueror as part of an important construction campaign that marked a new authority of Normandy across the UK through the construction of a lump-and-baileys. This has been a fortress since then, added and modified by later kings. The most famous tower is the place where the king’s enemies and have fulfilled his end. This is where two of Henri VIII’s wives found the end of their time at the end of an ax.

The British Museum has a collection of artifacts that are very good from all over the world. It contains treasures from the Saxon cemetery of Sutton Hoo, the mummies of the Egyptian rowing boat, which was controversial the Elgin Parthenon marbles in Athens and much more. It’s free too.

Tate has two large art galleries that offer permanent exhibitions for free so that the community can enjoy it. Tate Britain contains, as you might expect, the art of the United Kingdom and the Tate Modern held an exhibition of the modern era.

Globe is a recreation of Shakespeare’s great original theatres. A vision is carried out by the American director Sam Wanamaker, the globe is located near its original site and gives regular representations in the round.

Harrods is the city’s most famous department store. Not for the faint of heart when you see the price tag; Harrods deserves a visit to see how the other half of the store’s food room as well as delicious products.

The West End is the city’s entertainment district. In terms of theater that is equivalent to Broadway in New York. There are a lot of great performances that you can enjoy the same performance that you can find on Broadway.

Wembley Stadium underwent the main refurbishment and home to the British national football team played their games at home and where the final of the F Cup lasts. There is a new stadium under construction, mainly on the east side of the city, in preparation for the 2012 Olympic Games. There are several professional football teams in the city, the upper part of London is Tottenham Hotspur, Chelsea, West Ham, and Arsenal.

The corner of the Hyde Park speaker includes a place where you can go listen to people thinking about your breasts thoughts. Their minds are often not as convenient as you described it, but it’s fun to spend some time. Other parks offering space to breathe is Regent Park, where the London Zoo is located, and St James Park near Buckingham Palace.

These are the main tourist attractions in London. It is the tip of the iceberg in a city that has thousands of other delicacies.


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