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Galgibaga Beach

Galgibaga Beach

Galgibaga Beach

Galgibaga Beach

Galgibaga Beach

Galgibaga Beach in South Goa

Beaches of Goa are the best ones in the whole country of India where you can enjoy everything you can. Among the turtle beaches of Goa, the three beaches namely Agonda in South Goa, Morjim in the North and Galgibaga Beach are the ones where the sea turtles are seen. The Olive Ridley turtles are known to lay their eggs between the months of October and March. Normally turtles are spotted to live in water or out of water. But these sea turtles love to stay in water most of the time. They only come to the beach when it is time to lay eggs. The strip of the beach stretches along 1.7 km and ashore rows of pine trees. The beach is very calm and serene and the entrance is kind of sharp way. The beach is located in South Goa towards the Talpona Sea coastline.

As a turtle beach

As a turtle beach

The female turtles lay eggs in the sandy beach at a spot and after laying the eggs they return to the sea. The eggs get hatched within duration of two months and the baby turtles swim into the sea with the waves. This is how the turtles increase their family. Normally the turtles are seen only on clean beaches and where there is less crowded area. The forest department of Goa runs a conservation program where they take care of the eggs after the turtles hatch it. They notice the hatching area and enclose it with mark so they are safe from any kind of accidental damage. They keep records and pictures of the turtles laying eggs. Usually the turtles are seen at night so if you are eager to see them then do go there at night.

You can stay at Palolem which is near to the beach. You can choose either of the two ways to reach the beach from Palolem. One is through the highway of Margaon and Karwar and the other route is beautiful too which passes through a narrow bridge over a river. The surrounding is very scenic and you would just like it. You may go through one road and return by the other. The locals are very friendly and can help you find the route direction to Palolem. The Talpona Beach towards Galgibaga is suitable for having some food or snacks.

Nearby attractions

  • Xendrem- Located between the Palolem Beaches and the Galgibaga beach is the Xendrem beach. Golden sand features the beach with lava stones and natural vegetation all around.
  • Talpona- It is in Canacona taluk of South Goa. Palm and Pine grooves are the natural beauty to see all around and definitely the contrast of the golden sand with the blue sea is mind blowing. You can find here sea shells of various patterns and sizes.
  • Rajbaga- It is also a beautiful beach located at a distance of 4 km from the Palolem beach and is a majestic place to visit. Unlike Galgibaga beach, here most of the region houses luxurious resorts and hotels. You may choose to stay here and have a visit to the local spots.
  • Patnem- Located very close to the Palolem beach is the Patnem beach. It is never crowded and is a nice option to stay. Hatches, bungalows and guest houses are found here which is much affordable for you.

Reaching Galgibaga Beach

The national highway 17 runs through the Galgibaga resort, if driving is your choice then you may go along this route which also helps to reach Talpona beach. The beach is 18 km away from the Chaudi city in Southern Goa. It is easier to reach Galgibaga from Palolem beach through the internal coastline as the roads are very scenic.

The Galgibaga Beach seems like a paradise to the nature lovers. You can sit along the beach and stare at the waves for a long time which is coming and hitting the shore. Besides it is also the breeding ground of the sea turtles. Overall the beach is great for having an eye retreat and yoga or meditation moments. Hope you take a break from the daily life and enjoy a fantastic time in solitude.

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