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Heathrow Airport

Heathrow Airport

Heathrow Airport

Heathrow Airport

Heathrow Airport

5 Things to Do at Heathrow Airport

Anyone who has ever travelled from Heathrow Airport knows that the trip can involve a lot of time in the airport. Because it is such a giant place you will probably want to get there early instead of running the risk of having to rush about like crazy to get checked in and then make your way to your departure gate. Thankfully, there are lots of things to do to keep you entertained while you are here if you get here too early.

Get Some Shopping Done

There is a wide selection of shops in Heathrow Airport, including some you might expect to come across and some you might not. It is easy to find magazines, books and travel accessories but you might not be expecting to come across iPhone accessories, shoes, jewellery and toys. There is definitely enough on offer in Heathrow’s shop to help you kill an hour or two even if you aren’t normally all that much of a fan of going shopping.

Go to Sleep

You probably won’t want to sleep in the public waiting areas but with the number of good quality hotels from AirportHotels.com, you won’t have to. If you have an early flight it can be a huge relief to have a bed to sleep in for a few hours. There are some great, affordable options around here and staying one of these Heathrow hotels could set you up perfectly for the trip. Don’t forget that you can enjoy a leisurely breakfast before strolling over to check in, which is a real luxury before any flight. By going online to do a search you will find that the likes of Park Inn Heathrow will give you a great place to stay before your flight without costing you a lot of money.

Have a Tasty Meal

There is an also an impressively wide range of restaurants in the airport. If you fear being left to choose between a soggy sandwich and a greasy burger then you are in for a pleasant surprise. Stone baked pizzas, quality seafood, oriental noodles and classy pastries are all waiting for you in Heathrow if you arrive feeling peckish and want a snack or prefer to enjoy a big meal before you fly.

Get a Drink

One thing you won’t be short of options for is coffee. Some of the biggest and most popular coffee house chains in the country are present here, as well as some smaller, independent offerings. If you feel like getting ready for the flight with something a bit stronger then you can get hold of this easily in Heathrow as well.

Do Some Research on Your Destination

If you don’t want to eat, drink or shop you can still keep yourself busy while you are in Heathrow Airport. For example, you could hook up to the airport’s Wi-Fi free for 45 minutes. This could let you do some research on your destination before you head off, although you could also go for the old fashioned approach and settle down in a comfortable seat with a travel guide book.


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