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Jaldapara National Park

Jaldapara National Park

Escape To A World Of Forest in Jaldapara: Jaldapara National Park

Jaldapara National Park :In those times when life was complicated and the brain refused to take the pressure, someone had to try to break the monotony and try to return to innocence. Spend a few days in a place away from the noise and chaos in the urban world, where the green forest continues to refresh the body with a still small voice, a river flowing smoothly across the prairie makes a soft sound and green grazing animal with Agnes mounts that created L You outlines fade, it can be a good remedy for tired spirits. Jaldapara, in the north of Woody’s Bengal, the Green World is one where people can get all these features together.

The Green Zone is the rainforest of the sanctuary of Jaldapara, spread over a surface of more than 216 km2 in the eastern foothills of the Himalayas in the region of Alipur, West Bengal. The sanctuary is located right on the banks of the Torsha River, which only adds to the scenic beauty of the place and the atmosphere. Jaldapara is one of the most famous wilderness areas in the eastern part of India and its largest USP is the Elephant Safari through the heart of a vast and dense green. It is home to several species of the “wild” world and has obtained a lush vegetation, which is dominated in large part by the tall elephant grass. As you explore the woods rolling in the back of an elephant, you can see the Malangi River were flying from east to west, Jaldapara.

However, rivers and meadows are not the main features that attracts visitors to the Jaldapara. The forested land, which gained recognition as a refuge in 1941, famous for its rhinoceros horns an Indian. The rhinoceros population in Jaldapara is the second highest after Kaziranga in Assam. Occupants of other holy places are leopards, sambar deer, spotted deer, boar, deerskin scissors, bison, wild boar and, of course, the train driver, Elephant Safari. Birdwatchers will be delighted to be in the holy place because there is a great reach to glimpse the bustard of Bengal, Eagles, Fishing Eagles, the Shika anchor, the Jungle Hen, the peacock, the partridge and lower the Hornbill foot. In addition, the wild area is home to snakes, lizards, pythons, cobras, geckos, and several species of freshwater turtles.

The Chilapata forest is located nearby, an elephant hall connecting the stock Tiger Reserve with Jaldapara. The Gorumara National Park, which is famous as the home of the Rhinos India is also an easy practical sanctuary. Located in the Jalpaiguri district, West Bengal, Jaldapara can be achieved from Llanos de Siliguri. The cars are often available from Siliguri and the rates are quite reasonable. Jaldapara has witnessed a fair flow of tourists all year except the monsoon months and so there are few luxury accommodation facilities to choose from. In addition to the hotel, there are a few resorts and tourist chalets, one of which is administered by the Forest Department of the Government of West Bengal.

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