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London Heathrow International Airport

London Heathrow International Airport

London Heathrow International Airport

The London Heathrow International Airport LHR/EGLL is a major international airport that services the city of London, the United Kingdom, and the surrounding areas.  In terms of passenger traffic count, the airport is the busiest in Europe and the third busiest in the world as it serves over 65 million passengers each year.  The passengers come through on one of the 454,000 flights that enter and leave the airport on an annual basis.  All of the flights come in on or leave on one of the two 3,600+ meter runways.

The London Heathrow International Airport is well known for being a major hub for international travelers and the airport serves the most international travelers in the world.  Over 50 different international airlines operate out of Heathrow and take travelers to far off international destinations.  A few of the most frequent destinations for travelers leaving the airport are New York City, Dubai, Dublin, Paris, Amsterdam, Hong Kong, and Chicago.

At the moment, the airport has four active terminals.  Terminal 5, which is the newest addition to the airport, was first opened in 2008.  Terminal 2 is presently under construction but should be open to passengers within the next few years.  Terminals 1, 3, and 4 have all gone under fairly extensive renovations over the past few years.  Due to the immense size of the airport, travelers coming to the airport frequently need to take transportation to get around it.  There are a few different trains and buses which connect the four active terminals.

London has been in discussions of expanding the airport to include the 6th terminal and to add a third runway.  However, plans have been stalled due to complaints about noise, destruction of local communities, greenhouse gas emissions, and overall lack of need.

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The airport remains quite busy due to its convenient location to the London Central Business District.  The airport is just 12 miles from the city center and can be conveniently accessed in a number of different ways.  Passengers heading to and from the airport can choose from three different public transportation train lines to get there, including the Heathrow Express, the Heathrow Connect, and the London Underground Piccadilly train line.  There are also a number of different bus lines which connect passengers to all over the city.


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