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Majua: An Offbeat location to Visit in Darjeeling

Majua: An Offbeat location to Visit in Darjeeling

Majua: An Offbeat location to Visit in Darjeeling

Majua: An Offbeat location to Visit in Darjeeling


Majua: An Offbeat location to Visit in Darjeeling

Majua: An Offbeat location to Visit in Darjeeling

Majua – The secluded hill hamlet of North Bengal.

Majua is located in Pulbazar in the Darjeeling district. It only has a population of 1079 people. It is nestled on the banks of Sawaji Khola river, (the source of the river is Rangeet- one of the famous rivers of Darjeeling). This village is surrounded by the Singalila Forest range. It is on the way to Bijanbari from Manebhanjang. Majua is at an altitude of 5042 ft.

Location of Majua:

Majuwa is 4 km from Manebhanjang, 89.6 km from NJP Station (approx. 3hr 29min)via NH 10.

How to Reach Majua:

Reach NJP by Train or by Air. It is always advisable to hire a car from NJP station to Majua. One can also reach upto Ghoom Bus Stop in a shared vehicle. From Ghum Bus stop it is only 21 Km.

Where to stay:

How to Reach Majua
Source: www.100miles.co.in

This is a place where you will not find any star property for any luxurious stay. What you will find here is more than that…. Here you can enjoy a homestay, Aranya Baas Village Homestay. Entire hospitality is taken care of by him.

This Homestay has 3 rooms with the basic amenities for stay. There are 1delux double bedroom,1 double bedroom, and 1 dormitory. It can accommodate up to 9 -10 guests at a time.

The cottage has a nice lobby made of bamboo and bamboo beds. Though the entire village doesn’t have electricity 2-3 houses have dish antennas, which the villagers operate by a generator. The entire village has scores of Argentinian followers, and they don’t miss out on any football match during the football season.

Since it is a homestay, it is understood that dining comes along with the stay only. The food is very basic here. One gets to have all the flavors of home-cooked food, It is a home away from home. In case one has some specifications, then also there is no problem, only the guest needs to inform the same to the owner, and there he is.. when you reach, you get all according to your specification.

The stay will anyways be a pleasant one for anyone who wants to relax in absolute solitude. You can just sit outside in the dining area on the lawn of the cottage and see how the clouds and the sun play hide & seek. One can even sit on the log stool of the balcony of the treehouse and close your eyes. Ahhaaa.. it’s lovely.. one can only listen to the chirrups of birds or can see the beautiful colored butterflies dancing around. One can even enjoy the beautiful flora and fauna along with the pollution-free environment. One can even enjoy the view of the dancing river and its mesmerizing music.

Just for a change one can take a walk along the forest trail to the local village and enjoy the experience of the day-to-day life of the local villagers. One can find some varieties of medicinal plants, which grow here naturally.

In the evening though life becomes boring, as absolute silence prevails everywhere, still I would stay there is nothing to worry or to feel sad about. The evening can be made interesting and romantic with a campfire, which can be arranged by the owner on request. One can enjoy a cup of coffee or tea or even local liquor (Tongba)on request over some lovely local music accompanied by guitar.

How much it costs:

For some memorable moments in life, little more is affordable for all. Worried about it? Nothing to worry about, this trip is very pocket friendly. The maximum cost is for hiring a cab from NJP to Majua. The cab charges 3700/- approx. for one way. The Stay and flooding (all 3 meals included) cost 1167/- to 1500/- per night per person basis. That’s all for the trip and you will have a lovely memorable trip for a lifetime.

Suitable For:

This trip is suitable for groups. It’s definitely economical. This trip is even good for a couple, as they can enjoy the solitude and spend more time with themselves. It is even good as a solo traveler, as he/she can find his inner soul away from the hustle & bustle of daily life. You can enjoy the calmness of the environment by sitting in the lap of Mother Nature.

This is an ideal place to relax, rejuvenate, and get refreshed.

Note :

While making an onward journey back home, if one can start a little early from Majua, Bokar Monastery in Mirik can be visited. The Monastery allows the visitors during the Prayer times on request (1 pm & 4 pm). The view of offering prayer by the little lamas is a rare experience. Though this Monastery cannot be called “grand”, it is an institute. Along with taking lessons, the lamas are taught to create wood art, etching, and coloring. Pin drop silence prevails inside the Monastery.


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