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Maui Hawaii

Maui Hawaii

Maui Hawaii

Maui Hawaii

Maui Hawaii

Maui Hawaii is one of the best islands in the world, and millions flock to the second biggest Hawaiian island every year to experience its rare and serene beauty. Maui holds a dormant volcano, lush rainforests, and secluded beaches, all topped off with a warm Hawaiian welcome.

Hawaii is often described as a paradise, and once you visit you will know exactly why. There are many islands to choose from, but Maui has the advantage of having three airports and enough to do to fill up a year! Maui is packed with natural wonders and plenty of opportunities to relax.

Main Attractions of Maui Hawaii

The Road to Hana

Road to Hana - Maui Hawaii
Road to Hana

Many tours of the island will take you along this magical road that twists and turns around the island, with some tourists opting to rent a car and make the drive themselves. The Hana Highway (or Route 360) runs along the East coast of the island and is one of the most scenic drives on the planet. The road takes in 620 curves (so make sure you are a very confident driver!) and 59 bridges from Paia to Hana. You will drive past beaches, waterfalls, dramatic rock formations, black sand beaches, and the rainforest of Haleakala National Park.



This dormant volcano rises just over 10,000 feet above the island and is a sight to behold. Many choose to camp overnight in the alien volcanic landscape (camping trips with rangers are available to pre-book) and the sunset over the top of Haleakala is a sight to behold (rangers are also around the help you with early-morning hikes).

There are many trails on the volcano for keen hikers, and there is a driving route for campers. Nothing compares to the vistas and mixed terrain of Haleakala, and sleeping on top of a dormant volcano is something that can never be repeated!

Things To Do in Maui Hawaii

Go to a Lau

a Lau - Maui Hawaii
a Lau

Though a part of America, Hawaiian culture is a mix of Polynesian and Caribbean culture infused with America that makes it one-of-a-kind. To experience the ancient culture of Hawaii, Lau feasts are hosted for visitors throughout the island.

Every Lau is a bit different, but will usually involve a lei necklace greeting (usually partnered with a cocktail!) leading to a beautiful feast of traditional exotic Hawaiian food. Entertainment includes hula dancing, drumming, storytelling, and fire poi. Dedicate at least one of your nights to a Lau to really grab an understanding of the Hawaiian culture.

Surf the Waves

Hookipa Waves
Hookipa Waves

The strong currents and curls of the ocean mean that Hawaii is famous for surfing, and Maui is filled with spots for wave chasers! Ho’ okina Beach is the most famous spot for surfing, but there are over 30 beaches on the island – the East and West coasts are the best spots to grab a swell on your board. Instructors are also available for beginners!

Where to Stay

If you are seeking five-star comfort and convenience, Ka`anapali Beach Hotel is set in eleven acres of tropical gardens and is on the doorstep of one of the best beaches in Maui. There is a range of beach resorts and spas available around the island, however, Maui also does provide for smaller budgets. Small family-run guesthouses are dotted around the island which will provide no-frills rooms for lower prices.


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